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Steve Crown: I am just lucky that God used me, I count it a privilege


Steve Crown

The name Steve Okolo may not ring a bell but mere mention of Steve Crown, the atmosphere will be abuzz, especially among youth of the Christian faith, with the question…where is he? The Abuja base gospel singer became a household name with the release of his first hit song You Are Great, which has gone to become an anthem in many Christian congregations, particularly during worship session. Born into a family of six, the Benue State native is a graduate of the Federal Polytechnic, Zamfara State. He recently performed at the 70th birthday ceremony of Mrs. Augustina Nwanegbo, where KEHINDE OLATUNJI cornered him and fielded questions on his journey into music and other issues.

When did you start music?
I started singing at home because my mum and dad, as members of the local Anglican Church choir, sang a lot at home. My interest in singing developed right from childhood, though I had other plans for my life but it pleased God to put me here of which I am grateful. I actually thought of myself more as a visual artiste. I did paintings of my parents, which were very good and I did tutorials on art. But as you grow, God begins to show you that the path you thought you want to take might not be what he planned for you. So from art, I tried to be a lawyer; I have a Diploma in Law from the University of Abuja. Then, I ventured into studying Office Technology and Management. I still want to read other courses in the future.


Apart from music, what else do you do?
I am into some investments that I don’t want to talk about. I have my studio, Lakelight Entertainment, which is my record label. It is more than a record label because we are looking at doing a lot of things, which we have started. It has given birth to a concert tagged: Nations Will Rise And Sing, and would later this month, October 22. It is more than a concert; it is the gathering of the people of God. So, it’s a very big vision that is going around the world. I got the vision from Psalm 86:9-10, which says: “All the nations you have made will come and worship before you, Lord; they will bring glory to your name. For you are great and do marvelous deed.”

It is a gathering of everyone to give glory to God for who he is, not because we are looking for anything from him. There is one thing I have learnt from my mentors in faith, and that being, ‘when prayer does not work, try worship and praise’. People from different religion are praying but how many are praising. Prayer is a request but what else makes you approach God apart from prayers. God deserves our worship too; he even said if we do not praise him, he would raise stones. The concert will start in Abuja before we take it to other part of the country. European countries have also indicated interest.

Tell us about your record label, Lakelight Entertainment
Like I did say earlier, Lakelight was birthed through divine inspiration from the Holy Spirit. She is a family for her founder, and was created to help young people discover their purpose in life, to save lost souls, teach the youths to work hard to achieve their goals and to discover the greatness of God. Lakelight’s vision and mission is also to discover talents, listen and help create a platform that will help them create positive impact in the society.

Did you envisaged getting to this level of stardom in the music industry in shortest of time?
I didn’t see it coming; I have always worshipped in church though and involved in things of God in church. I just wanted to be one church boy who loves God, go to worship rehearsal in the choir and after everything, take my bag back home. I just wanted God’s presence. I was not looking for how I would become famous or probably sing a song that would go everywhere. I have always wanted to be a lawyer but just like Saul who turned Paul when his time came to be used he couldn’t deny it. I am just lucky that God used me; I count it a privilege.


How do you get inspired?
I get inspiration from the Holy Spirit. Truth is that, I don’t achieve much anytime I sit to write songs; I get my songs from visions.

Your first album
It’s just six tracks consisting: I will wait on you; You are great; Imela; Ejiro; Sunanza and Egbe Jesu gaa. I just want to reach out to a lot of people in different languages. I hope to sing in Spanish and French someday, because my goal is just to preach God’s love to the people and let them know about his sovereignty. When I came out with my first album, people thought I wasn’t Nigerian, because my lyrics are quite deep.

First day on stage
I wasn’t really shy and it’s because since I was a kid, I have been doing it. It’s just that I have not really done some serious world stage stuff. I have been ministering in crusades right from childhood. A lot of people couldn’t see me, and sometimes protocols would carry me up. Nobody even knew I would go this far.

First performance outside Nigeria
The reception was beautiful and I thank God for his grace; it’s just by his mercy. I have ministered in some parts of Africa, Europe and also taking it to other parts of the world.

First video
It was fun for me; I developed passion for what I was doing already though I was practiced after the audio came out. I had to show some charisma and all that. Everything went fine.

Your first car
I would not talk about that hitherto I thank God I’m mobile now. Let’s leave it that way.

First income as a music minister
All thanks to God, it was good and I sowed it back to him. I’m not going to talk about it. Everybody has bought whistle.

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