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Stop bleaching away your destiny 2


BLEACHINGIt can simply be inferred from Martin Luther King’s quote that we are not the colour of our skin but rather the content of our character. You can never increase your value by bleaching your skin; your value is simply a measure of your values. Don’t ever bleach your skin to fit in, stand out with your natural beauty.

In the last edition, I wrote extensively about the deteriorating effect of bleaching, not only on the skin, but also on the way we perceive ourselves and others. I have received a lot of comments on the last piece and decided to publish it in this edition. One of my readers that sent in his comment opened my eyes to the way bleaching can cause some psychological imbalance in the lives of the victim’s offspring, as some of the chemicals can be absorbed by the foetus during pregnancy to cause irredeemable growth abnormalities, hormone deficiency, and damaging ailments like autism etc. That is to say that the breast milk from a nursing mother that is bleaching is a form of ‘death sentence’ to her innocent child! Please, enjoy the comments:

“I will not be surprised to see a lot of comments coming in for the above post because therein lies the truth and we are conscious of it, but we fail to acknowledge it. I strongly believe in my ‘naturality’ and appearance. I don’t need to impress anyone, because what I see in the mirror is my reflection not anybody else’s. My advice is this: be proud of your natural skin colour, be on a good diet and take loads of fruits to retain that awesome colour you have got.”-Oluwatosin Akinola(400 level Student of the Department of Chemistry, FUTA, AKURE. 08161654699)

“I’ve never seen an article so detailed attacking this important social issue…these adverse effects of bleaching is enough to make any wise youth choose natural over artificial. More importantly, it is high time we all built and developed ourselves from within…our self-worth.” Gbemisola Olaosebikan (Educator at Chrisland Schools, Lagos. 08060778013)

“Bleaching is only a form of reflection of lack of confidence. One of many, we need to believe in ourselves and what we are”-Samuel Umoru (Edo State, 08032115979)

“This is a captivating piece. Those who bleach must learn to accept their skin colours and be proud of being black. ‘BLACK IS BEAUTY’ is not about the colour but the content the person carries. False appearance or wearing of mask keeps one in perpetual bondage. I sum this up with a stanza from Chara Nyashia Sanjo’s poem (Beautiful To Be Black): “It’s beautiful to be black, it is the colour of strength and pride. I will say it out loud. I don’t have to hide”-J.Oyasotie. (Edo State, 08055201450).

“Wow! This is a wonderful piece. I am imploring Nigerians to desist from this ‘heinous’ crime against their skin…Be comfortable in your skin!”-Adeola Adeniran (Medicine & Surgery, University of Ibadan. 0810466942)

“This is a piece that every family should keep as a reference material. Everyone that is bleaching needs to read it in order to learn wisdom. Whosoever is not bleaching will as well learn to advise anyone going into it. The style and skill adopted in this write-up are unique, penetrating and classical. Keep up the good job please.”-Tolu Adepoju (Dean of Students’ Affairs at EAC, Ibadan. 07034497400)

“Well, from my own point of view, I felt bleaching your body isn’t good. So many people bleach their skin colour mostly because their skin is black and they believe having a black skin isn’t good. But actually, having a black skin is one of the best gifts you can ever receive from God. Stop paying others to damage your skin! Even, Guinness Africa launched their newest ad with the made of black tag to celebrate Africa’s uniqueness: “Black is not a colour. Black is an attitude. It’s a mindset, it’s a way of life.” #MadeOfBlack#.- Olujimi Folakemi ( Lagos State ,07066176378)

“The chemicals present in bleaching creams are very harmful to the body; most of them penetrate into the skin to cause irreversible damage to the skin tissue. This piece is an eye-opener to the real reason behind this self-destructive act.”-Oghenekome Oghenekeno (Warri, Delta State. 08147754965)

“What a world! I think those indulging in this shameful action need proper orientation because I don’t think I need to spend a whole month’s salary on cream all in the name of trying to look attractive or beautiful. God bless you sir for raising this crucial topic.”-Damilola David (Ronk New Age, Ibadan. 08098501641)

“Mercury is being touted as one of the major underlying cause of Autism/Asperger Syndrome. Bleaching creams are not just life-threatening; they can affect the user’s offspring whether male or female.”-Johnson F. Moses (Ajah, Lagos. 08031388273)

“Gbenga, please continue to educate our ignorant black people. It is appalling how brainwashing has turned us to be modern slaves. You made my day”-Akpobome Egi (Woodbury, Minnesota, USA. Currently visiting Warri, Nigeria. 08130855015)
“The piece is mind-blowing as well as mind-changing. It unveils the bitter truths about the indiscriminate use of cosmetic products that does not only bleach the skin but victims’ lives.”-Olabiyi Oluwasola (Portharcourt, Rivers State.08185366995 )
“But Godliness with contentment is a great gain (1 Timothy 6 Vs 6). I assume that anybody that is not content with his or her skin’s natural skin colour cannot be contented with anything in life. All that God created are beautiful as I am dark and beautiful. Mr Gbenga, I am one of the ardent readers of your column and you’ve always been a great source of inspiration to me. Thank you sir.” -Funke Oladebo (CEO of Passion Designers, Ibadan. 08102552564)

“An exceptional piece that gives a reflection of the problems associated with bleaching, deeper than human sense has ever envisaged. It drives home the point on the need to value our identity in connection with our skin colour. I therefore appeal to every youth out there to embrace their skin colour, their identity and be very proud about it. I am proud to be one of “…. the African queens that have vehemently refused to join the mad and demented race of skin bleaching….”. It begins with you! -Ogunmodede Oluwatamilore (Ogun State. 07056546333)

“This dangerous act of bleaching is tunnelling deep down to the psyche of our ladies. We are not good enough, we are not beautiful enough, so we now bleach and wear other women’s hair and now we are beautiful. SO, so sad! We are telling the Almighty that he was not good enough in his creation of my sisters. We are made in his image and likeness. But we want or desire to be someone else! ” As a medical doctor, I must add that the health effects of the chemicals in the cosmetics are very troublesome. Anything you put on your skin goes in through the skin into your body. Once in, the blood will help it circulate to other organs. Many of the chemicals are toxins and are linked to hormonal problems, abnormal menses, fertility problems, ovarian problems, mood disturbances, bowel problems, fibroids, and cancer; examples are parabens and phthalates. Many of these chemicals are being found in blood, even of new- born babies. How did they get there? The cumulative effect with daily use in small quantities. Let us stop destroying our Immune systems ……we are destroying God’s Perfection!
Dr Patrick Ijewere (Internal Medicine Consultant at Johns Hopkins University and Radio Host of Wellness Half-hour on Inspiration 92.3fm, Lagos,)

There are various questions that have been raised that I would want to use the third edition to address:

Is there any occasion where skin lightening is medically recommended? Is there any hope for a bleached skin to heal naturally? Is there a way we can detoxify our body of all the damaging metals and chemicals that have been assimilated during the act of bleaching?

How can we protect the right of an unborn child from being damaged irreversibly because of the mother’s irresponsible act of bleaching?

How can the government, dermatologists, medical practitioners and other stakeholders help in the regulation of this dastardly act?

I will be talking on these and much more in the third and last edition of this crucial topic. I will also be publishing more of the comments that could not be accommodated here in the next publication. Until then, stay natural. #teamNatural#

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