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Stretching At Home


exercise1STILL following our theme of staying relaxed and mellow this Christmas season, here are some stretches to help get the kinks out and keep them out.

Hamstring And Back Stretch
Stand facing a chair and take a few steps away from it. A dining table chair can also be used. You can also use the banister of your staircase.

If these are too high, you can use a stool or keep your leg on the floor and take a large step forward
Keep your core engaged and gently bring one leg to the headrest of your chair.

You should feel a stretch down the back of your thighs.
Keeping your spine tall and as you breathe out though your mouth, bring your upper body down towards your thigh. Your focus is to aim your chest for your thigh.

Hold the position for a count of at least 30 seconds.
Come out of the position gently and bring your leg to the floor.
Bring the same leg to the chair, but this time with your body facing out with the chair to your side.

Very gently, lean over to your right leg towards your raised leg.
Keep your core engaged and only lean as far out as you comfortably can.
Hold for a count of 30 seconds. Relapse your leg and repeat on the other side.

Lower Back Chair Stretch

Place both hands on the top of a chair or wall.
Keeping your legs straight, but knees relaxed, slowly back up until arms are fully stretched (if your elbows are bending using a chair or bench, then use the wall and bring your arms up higher).
Slowly drop your chest toward the floor and gently lift your tailbone (push your bum).
Relax your head and breathe in deeply. Remember to keep your core engaged.
Hold for 20 to30 counts.
Love your body. (

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