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Symbolic resurrection floral decorations

By Sereba Agiobu-Kemmer
25 March 2016   |   11:38 pm
The holy Resurrection season celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ and is an occasion of great significance in the Christian Calendar.
Church’s  interior  decorated with  Resurrection  Season  flowers.

Church’s interior decorated with Resurrection Season flowers.

The holy Resurrection season celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ and is an occasion of great significance in the Christian Calendar. It is a time for prayers, fasting and religious observances. Passion week signifies the end of lent and the celebrating of the resurrection of Jesus Christ this weekend. The fasting and abstenance from all forms of merriment gives way to tumultuous social events: feasts, festivals, extended family get together, parties and picnics.

The Resurrection (Easter) season is full of many customs, traditions, and symbols borrowed from Christianity and the ancient world. The celebration of the Christian Resurrection Season finds representation and imagery from the Spring (Easter) festivals of antiquity in the western hemisphere. Most people are familiar with the brightly colored eggs, hopping bunnies and spring chickens. A common thread connects these symbols – all represent new life, rebirth and hope. Flowers are integrally associated with the annual Resurrection (Easter) festivals used both in home decorations, as well as in religious and social event places and for gifting purposes.

Flowers that are most closely associated with the season symbolize the new life, new beginnings, and hope.

Perhaps the flowers most associated with the season, lilies represent purity and hope, and also symbolizing the resurrection. In His Sermon on the Mount, Jesus alludes to the beauty of these flowers, reminding His listeners that King Solomon, with all his riches, was not dressed as beautifully as the ‘‘lilies of the field.” Legend holds that lilies, sometimes called ‘‘white-robed apostles of hope,” sprang from the ground where drops of Jesus’ sweat fell to the ground during His final agony.

Florist design for the season: lilies,tulips, roses, mums, thistles.

Florist design for the season: lilies,tulips, roses, mums, thistles.

Medieval artists used the blossoms to signify womanhood and purity in paintings of the Annuciation, when angel Gabriel told Mary that she was going to be the mother of God. Folklore holds that visitors to the Virgin Mary’s tomb found only a bed of lilies, because her body went straight to heaven during the first three days after her death. Another legend says that lilies grew from Eve’s tears of repentance when she left the Garden of Eden.

Easter lilies and Madonna lilies symbolize virtue, innocence, hope and new life, while commemorating the resurrection of Christ and the hope of eternal life in heaven. Some Christian nations regard white lilies as symbol of purity and the divinity of Jesus Christ and also dedicate them to His mother Virgin Mary. This is the reason why churches are decorated with the white lilies during the Resurrection season. The celebration wouldn’t be complete without this subtle sign of purity and hope.

Bridal bouquet  with  Madonna  lilies.

Bridal bouquet with Madonna lilies.

Bursting with color and beauty are famous for their elegant appearance and forms, a symbol of different emotions like; temperance or self-control and passion. Azaleas breathe life into a room and invite pure color to a table setting with whispers of fragility. Symbolizing womanhood, linking it to the Virgin Mary at season, while the colors of the flowers carry their own symbolism, with white standing for purity, purple for royalty and pink for joy.

The five petals of single red roses are legendary symbols of the wounds of Jesus before and during crucifixion. The red color represents the blood Christians believe Jesus shed for the forgiveness of sins, while white roses stand for purity and innocence.

White tulips stand for forgiveness, while purple represents royalty. Both meanings fit well with the religious themes of the season, as do the meanings of love, belief, passion associated with the bloom, and values important to the celebration of the resurrection season.

Lovely daisies, like white lilies, have special significance for the season. The sweet smelling daisies symbolize purity and placidness or innocence of the Christ child, loyalty and gentleness, qualities highlighted by the spirit of the occasion.

Other Flowers
Baby’s breath symbolizes the presence of the Holy Spirit. Faith, wisdom finds expression in the iris; hyacinth conveys a message of forgiveness and peace of mind. Chrysanthemum (except yellow) represent cheerfulness and a white represent truthfulness. Red crown of thorns (Eurphobia milii) represent the crown of thorns placed on Jesus head and the oozing blood from His head during crucifixion.

Flowers are the perfect way to bring warmth, gaiety and feelings of cheer to any season’s celebration, flowers that have always represented fertility, abundance and renewal. Choosing colorful fragrant flowers is the best way to fill a space with the symbolism and meaning of the season.

 Altar  floral arrangement  of golden lilies and red roses, colors symbolizing  the passion, and  victory .

Altar floral arrangement of golden lilies and red roses, colors symbolizing the passion, and victory .

Aromatic blossoms of the season are very calming – the pure scent draws you in. The natural perfume of pretty azaleas, vibrant red tulips, peaceful daisies, sweet fragrance of plumeria, purple and white hyacinths and crisp white lilies invigorates the spirit and suffuse a room with new life.

Each flower is the vivid token of a different sentiment and are amazing for the season’s decoration – just choose your favourite flowers and the colors you want. Centerpieces, wall and door decorations, egg and flower arrangements – these are just some ideas that you can easily realize. You can turn eggs into vases and planters, plant something into the egg boxes, decorate your egg stand with them all the beautiful flowers will add charm. You can make craft like wreaths to hang on walls and the door together.

The season is a very old family holiday and vintage is a charming style of the old times, but what can be sweeter than combining these two things? You can create this style yourself : take some old-fashioned porcelain ware, make a centerpiece using a shabby chic vase and Easter flowers. Egg decor is also very peculiar: egg wrapped with lace, vintage paper and decorated with decoupage techniques, with porcelain animal figures and silver tableware to finish the look.

What you need to create the right atmosphere and ambience for the season’s celebration, be it the family dinner table, centerpieces for wedding receptions, garden parties and picnics. Use nests, feathers, birds, season’ flowers. Some pictures to give cool ideas for your décor. Be inspired! Happy Resurrection Season!