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Tales of the mad doctor – Part 2



(Continued from last week)
His staff were always afraid to enter his office to discuss important issues that affected their lives, because of the negative response they would get from such encounters. He behaved like a demigod and a warlord or like someone possessed by an evil spirit.

There was also the case of the poor grandma whose jobless daughter delivered her baby through Caesarian Section and owed the hospital about N100, 000. The old woman came to the hospital to beg the virulent doctor to temper justice with mercy; that she would pay the debt. She pleaded, while on her knees, in sorrowful tears, that she was just a cleaner where she worked, that her daughter’s husband had absconded and was nowhere to be found.

Mumbusa would hear nothing of such, as he lambasted, abused and rained tirades on the old woman. “I’m not the cause of your problem, you poverty-stricken old woman,” he began his saucy sentences. “You must definitely be out of your mind. I used multimillions of naira to establish this reputable hospital and now you start begging me unreasonably.

“I will tell the Police to arrest you for failing to pay your debts, is that understood? When you get to the Police station, you’ll explain such utter gibberish to the Police. Get out of my sight please,” he retorted.

The old woman left the presence of the doctor in tears, wondering what she would do to placate him. She was a widow and prayed that God should touch the heart of doctor, so that she wouldn’t sleep in the prison.

It was another day in the life of the inhuman doctor. A patient came to his hospital with pains in her stomach. After testing the said patient, the result showed that there were some complications and a surgery must be done on the lady. Before long, the patient was in the theatre for a pancreatic operation.

As the operation went on, the cantankerous doctor suddenly found fault again with one of the nurses, sister Agnes. With annoyance, he gave her a deafening slap and insulted her continuously. The elderly nurse protested and there was a hot argument at the theatre. The doctor talked bitterly and said he would sack the elderly nurse that same day. Still in anger, the doctor didn’t know he had committed a life-threatening error during the operation.

He didn’t know he had forgotten a syringe in the stomach of the patient. It was three days later when the patient was having chronic stomach pains that it was detected instantly that a surgery apparatus was forgotten in her stomach.

The patient’s lawyer took the matter up and sued Mumbusa for negligence of duty. The doctor begged the patient and pleaded for leniency and was fined N10million for such oversight and gross damage to the said patient. The Judge gave him an option of fine or he should spend seven years in jail.

With tears in his eyes, the very boisterous doctor went down on his knees, begging the Judge not to send him to jail, promising to pay the fine. He told the court that he had learnt his lessons and would change his ways from that eventful day.

No one could believe that the hot-tempered doctor could behave like a docile and humble kid. From that day onward, Mumbusa turned a new leaf. No one is perfect and it is not good to think one is God.

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