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Charles Inojie And Dangote
T4T once told you how Nollywood star, Charles Inojie was ‘forming’ the richest man in Africa, Aliko Dangote when he gifted his grandmother’s village a water project to reduce the stress of villagers walking miles to fetch water from a stream. Yes, you remember T4T also told you how he sat down in the video, feeling so cool like Dangote would (as if there is a way Dangote always does when he gives out to the needy).


Well, that is not the story here. Charlie has decided to go a step further to becoming the Dangote of Nollywood. He has finally found his foundation, Charles Inojie Foundation, CIF. He announced this development on his Facebook Timeline during the week as he posed in pictures with CIF engraved on his T-Shirt and baseball cap.


So, folks, if you have any personal or community problems, just find a way to reach out to CIF, Charlie is now playing in the big league of philanthropy like the Dangotes.

Between Amilo Jerry
And Yul Edochie
IF you are an arde
nt follower of Nollywood films, you would know these two stars, Jerry Amilo and Yul Edochie. Amilo is a veteran actor, and Yul, son of the great Pete Edochie, belongs to the new league of star actors.

However, in recent times, in most movies you see both actors feature in, the storyline is predictable. Jerry would be the more successful friend who would run into Yul, still struggling on the street, after a long time. Yul would beg Jerry to ‘show him the way’, and Jerry would take him to his very powerful occult leader who will then make him get involved in money ritual…


The roles are sometimes reversed with Yul being the successful one and Jerry the struggling friend.

The issue here is, so, the screenplay writers in Nollywood don’t have any more stories to tell, and the Directors must always use Jerry Amilo and Yul Edochie to tell us how friends could lead each other into ritual money making… why Nollywood dey always like to dey fall hand like dis after over 25 years of existence?
Something About This

Nollwyood Movie…
AND so T4T was watching a movie on Wednesday titled If Trouble Comes. Directed by Vincent De Anointed, the movie featured Ngozi Ezeonu among others. One thing that was so irritating about the movie was that every actor in all the interior scenes was sweating profusely. I mean profusely. 

Well, all actors in Nollywood films sweat in interior scenes because they claim that the air condition or fan sound interferes with the sound output. But the question is, how come Hollywood, no Hollywood is too far, South African film actors do not sweat heavily in interior scenes when sweating is not in the script?

You need to go and watch the movie T4T is talking about If Trouble Comes. You will pity all the actors every time they were doing an interior scene. In fact, the title should have been Rivers Of Sweat. 


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