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Nollywood Actree Turned Job Agent

Well, Nollywood star and former president of the Actors Guild of Nigeria, AGN, Ibinabo Fiberisima may have found a side hustle.

During the week, she took to her Facebook Timeline and advertised a job vacancy. T4T serves you the post unedited.


“Are you seeking work, would you like to join an international facilities management company as part of an online team? maybe I could help you out. I’m looking for accountants, operation management assistants, and administrative assistants. Send CV to

This is genuine.”

The last line of the job advertisement got me thinking. “This is genuine”, Ibinabo wrote. Wait o, is the pretty lady having a credibility crisis? Why would she add that last line? Who questioned her credibility?

Anyway, IB, abeg face dis new hustle o. Nor be only one gate dem dey pass enter Yaba Marketi o.


As Mike Okri Becomes…
LAST week, I served you the gist about Daddy Fresh, the Ajegunle singer who eventually could not make it out of Ajegunle. Yes, remember? I told you Daddy Fresh may have dropped music for social activism full time. Now you remember!

Guess another singer was waiting on the sideline to take over the baton from Daddy Fresh, and he is no other person than our own Mike Okri!

Okri voiced out his frustrations early in the week in a Facebook post where he expressed his displeasure with the way things are in Nigeria at the moment. Read am, nor be write am:

“I’m damn worried and concerned about Nigeria and the whole world is watching doing nothing.”


The post at when T4T viewed it had 22 comments and all were attacking the government and the international community to the delight of Mike Okri.

Nice one bros, na from clap old man dey enter dance. Your first attempt at being an activist was successful, fire on. If music nor music again, activism fit enter.

Anyway, don’t be surprised to see both Mike and Daddy Fresh adorning a funny color beret and leading a ‘we nor go gree’ crowd, soon!

Social Media And Nigeria Police
DURING the week, the Nigeria police scored another ‘own’ goal. Just days after our dear police force turned murder suspect, Chidinma Ojukwu into a celebrity guest, it, again made a shameful show of interrogating a nine-year-old who was accused of torching a supermarket in Abuja, the Federal Capital Capital City, FCT.


T4T was aghast when he watched the video interrogation shamelessly posted online by some detectives as they interrogated the little girl who was allegedly caught on CCTV lighting fire to a section of the supermarket which led to the razing of the property.

Professionally, the police cannot interrogate a minor without the presence of a lawyer or her parents or adult guardian. But there it was, the frightened little girl standing before some grown men and one even threatened in the video to slap her if she fails to answer a question!

Pray, where did our police officers get their training from? Why has Social Media made the Nigerian police to be so obsessed with releasing every interrogation they have with suspects, online in an ongoing criminal case? Nigeria police now go to crime scenes armed with their mobile phones instead of guns just to be the first to post anything out of the ordinary online to keep the Social Media buzzing.


What is this new Inspector General of Police doing, abeg?

Someone Please Beg DSTV For Us
THERE is this Yoruba movie titled ‘Ikuile’, directed by Okiki Afolayan and starring Femi Adebayo and Jumoke George. Nice film no doubt, but that is not the story here.

Pay TV platform DSTV has repeated this movie over 200 times since COVID-19 started last year. Just this week, T4T was unlucky to have stumbled on it twice even with the fact that he only has the time for TV early in the mornings and late at night, haba! Na only ‘Ikuile’ una get to show?

Overall, the repetition of content by DSTV is not only annoying but extremely frustrating. Is it that Nollywood producers have decided not to shoot new movies or DSTV has decided to keep shortchanging its subscribers and the regulatory authority(the NBC I guess) does not have the moral power to sanction the outfit?

Bottom line is, one pays his subscription monthly to watch programmes he had already seen over 10 times the last month! Nigeria we hail thee!


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