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By Justin Akpovi-Esade
21 August 2021   |   2:38 am
Once upon a time music sensation, Alariwo of Africa may have found another vocation. Oh, you don’t know Alariwo? How na? That was the fella whose one song

Alariwo’s New Hustle
Once upon a time music sensation, Alariwo of Africa may have found another vocation. Oh, you don’t know Alariwo? How na? That was the fella whose one song, Yawa Go Gas ruled the music scene in the late 90s through early 2000 and after then…well, he started trying, but…

Anyway, that is not the story here. He may have found another way to make more money aside from the MC jobs he does. During the week, the Delta-born artiste turned his Facebook Timeline into an advertisement outlet. Alariwo advertised the works of a young clothes designer:   

He’s Young, Creative, and humble. The fabric was given to this young man last week Saturday. He assured me that it will be ready for Friday. He did not only deliver today, he delivered at the time promised and it was well packaged. Thank you (names withheld) for your swift delivery. Fabric by (names withheld)” 

Well, T4T wondered why Hushpuppi, confessed Internet fraudster awaiting sentencing in the United States did not see this designer Alariwo has been showcasing online but rather chose to like the outfits worn by ‘awa’ SUPER COP, Abba Kyari and decided to go with Kyari to help him get five native attires and matching caps! 

Sebi there won’t have been an issue if it was Alariwo’s designer Hushpuppi went with, as Alariwo is not a policeman.

Anyway sha, to God be the glory!

Edmund Spice Goes Down Memory Lane
AFRO POP star, well, a former star, Edmund Spice is no doubt missing his old life when he was a star. And T4T says this with all conviction. 

All through this week, the singer who now lives in the United States was very busy posting old albums photographs of his and dating them like archeologists would artifacts discovered in pre civilisation Egypt. 

They were black and white photographs and from his excitement, one could perceive he was actually in love with himself and his days of Baby, Can I Hold You Tonight (na remix of Tracy Chapman sha o). 

One not too kind person told T4T that Spice should let the past go, “I get car bifor nor be the same if you nor get any car now”.

Why are some people just born to be wicked?

And Alex Zitto Takes Cover Again
BEFORE the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic last year, once upon a time music rave, Alex Zitto was almost every day of this life in the face of everybody on Facebook and other Social Media platforms posting an abridged version of his 90s hit song Baby Walacolombo. 

Everyday, T4T checked his Facebook Timeline, a picture of him (now bald sha) in a studio or with a guitar with an attached post like ‘cooking something new’ would hit you in the face. 

Then Coronavirus came, the bros became silent. He is still silent till now. So, what happened to all the ‘cooking’ in the studio? Well, T4T will give him the advise till the end of the year if he does not resume the ‘cooking’ again.

Tony Okoroji Will Never Let An Opportunity Go By
CHIEF Tony Okoroji is T4T’s friend for many years. Okoroji is many things to many people. To some, he is a troublemaker who likes to take people to court with the speed of light (for dat one sha, Chief nor dey waste time), to others, he is a copyright champion and fighter for the rights of Nigerian artistes and other intellectual property owners.

Chief Tony Okoroji

But one thing T4T knows about Okoroji is, he is a showman. Chief nor dey wait for anybody to blow e own trumpet, in fact, Okoroji dey blow e own trumpet pass Fela own!

Recently, you would think it was Chief who was getting married again, because the way bros blow the trumpet of e son wedding for America, me sef tink say na second wedding Chief wan do bcos the young man bears the same name with him and all the headlines of the media articles Chief was firing were like “Tony Okoroji’s Scintilating Wedding In America”.

After the wedding nko? Chief did not rest; he was still firing press releases and news stories like Sango wey dey commot fire from mouth. Haba chief! Nor be ya pikin marry? But then, that is CHIEF TONY OKOROJI, the friend of T4T for you.

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