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Teeth 4 teeth


That Movie Adun Aye
AND so, T4T was watching this Yoruba movie, Adun Aye, on DSTV early in the week, as usual, one of so many repeated movies the Pay TV outfit has shown to the extent that the viewer knows every line of the actors. But how did T4T miss this bombshell by one of the main characters?

He was supposed to be the husband of his new wife and it was their wedding night. The husband wanted to sleep with her but the new bride said she was tired from the day’s activities and so pleaded with him for her to rest and this was what the Yoruba actor said: “No, I won’t take it, I ‘ham’ your husband…” 


What? ‘ham’? Then it sank in, the guy has mother tongue interference, so am is ‘ham’. This is why I always beg these Yoruba actors, please, stick to your Yoruba language, leave English alone. Na Yoruba film una dey act, nor be Hollywood movie, but dem gree hear me?

Anyway, Azeez Ijaduade directed the movie and it featured Akin Lewis, Ayo Adesanyan among others. You may go and see it and hear ‘ham’ for yourself. Na you sabi!

And Dino Melaye Saw ‘Pepper’
FORMER Senator Dino Melaye is a controversial figure. If he is not singing and dancing on video online, he is showing off his exotic cars and mansion and rubbing it in the face of struggling Nigerians. But last week would be one he will never forget in a hurry. 


Melaye posted a picture of himself lounging in a big, tastefully furnished parlor of his mansion and wrote this caption: “Becoming rich is a journey, becoming wealthy is a game”.

Come and see bashing! As at when T4T checked, from the over 4,000 comments the post had fetched by then, almost all of them went for the jugular of the Senator who lost his seat in the Senate in 2019.

Nigerians did not spare him, no name dem nor call Dino. In fact, T4T jus tire at a point and quietly left the post alone. But trust Dino, he is used to being bashed. He will post another ‘bashable’ stuff again and soon.


Crime Fighters Still Doing That Thing
RECENTLY, T4T had cause to beg DSTV and producers of ‘Crime Fighters: Case File’ to either stop showing the programme because of its excessive repetition or the producer to produce new episodes. Did they listen to T4T? No!

And there is this particular episode DSTV is so much in love with, the one that involved one ‘Emem’ who was involved in a ‘baby factory’ syndicate, haba! Anytime one tunes in to watch the programme, the odds are so high that it must be the episode of ‘Emem’ that would be on. There is another one the Pay TV outfit likes too, but not as much as that of ‘Emem’. It is the one of a con artist who swindled two bankers and promised to marry both after conning them to approve a bad loan running into millions of naira. 

DSTV and producers of Crime Fighters, una dey make viewers dey shame even if una nor get shame.


Be Careful Of ‘Despirate’ Movies In Nollywood 
THAT a producer of a Nollywood movie will make an embarrassing error in the title of his movie that he has released to the public is one issue, but a Pay TV that decided to buy the content to show to the public did not notice the error and aired it like that proudly, is another issue.

T4T was watching this Nollywood movie on Africa Magic Epic. He decided to check the information on the movie to see the title and all. There was something not okay with the title, but T4T could not put a finger to it. 

About an hour gone into the movie, T4T was still troubled. So, he decided to check again. Blind Despiration is the title, so what was wrong with that? His iPad was close by, so T4T spell checked ‘Despiration’. The nickel dropped! The producer may have spelt desperation in his local language and it came out as ‘despiration’. DSTV sef nor send, dem jus buy movie begin show. Na wa o


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