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Teeth 4 teeth

By Justin Akpovi-Esade
19 February 2022   |   2:45 am
Former Nollywood movie star turned Woman of God, Eucharia Anunobi’s Facebook profile is a very lively and interesting one. From the videos she posts daily and her inspirational
Abba Kyari

Nigeria police officer Abba Kyari

Eucharia Anunobi’s University of ‘Witchcraft’
Former Nollywood movie star turned Woman of God, Eucharia Anunobi’s Facebook profile is a very lively and interesting one. From the videos she posts daily and her inspirational as well as motivational quotes, one cannot help but ‘jealous’ her Facebook Timeline.

But, T4T was taken aback days ago when he saw the post below on Sister, sorry, Evangelist Eucharia’s wall. 

“Admission! Admission!! Admission!!!

This is a notice to the General public that the university of witchcraft is now open for new students‼ Admission starts 12 am and closes 12 midnight on 14th February 2022.

Proverbs 15:12.”

Haba, what has our Evangelist got herself into? But after watching the video that accompanied the post, the nickel dropped. You got T4T there!

Anyway, the Evangelist just used the post to draw attention to the video sermon, which was really inspiring and enlightening. So, if T4T got you same way her post got T4T, then we all fell yakata for Eucharia gimmick be dat.  

What Happened To Edmund Spice
SOME couple of days ago, once upon a time Nigerian music star, Edmund Spice, who now resides in the US revealed the other side of life in America. 

The Baby Can I hold You Tonight hit singer posted a picture where he was dressed like a Ninja fighter, I mean, a real Ninja fighter, if you ever saw one in those Chinese movies some of us watched in the 80s through 90s. 

And what would make our dear Edmund Spice to dress like a Ninja fighter? Has he started acting Chinese movies in America since music door don close? Well, na winter cold turn bros to Ninja warrior!

America sweet, but cold nor sweet. Anyway bros, just bear, winter go end and summer go come. Notin PESON pikin go fit do about ya case.

Abba Kyari’s ‘Nollywood’ Video
THE entire nation was shocked during the week when the anti narcotics agency, the NDLEA, released a video of embattled (suspended) ‘Super Cop’, Abba Kyari, allegedly negotiating with one of its operatives in a cocaine deal. 

In case you do not know, Kyari has been on suspension since mid last year for allegedly working with a self confessed international scam artist popularly called ‘Hushppupi’.

T4T is not going to bore you with whether he is guilty or not, but what is shocking is, how can a former boss of a country’s Intelligence Response Team of the police be so cheaply entrapped in a sting operation and his alleged nefarious dealings exposed in what looked like a Nollywood movie?

What Abba Kyari was before August 1, 2021 was akin to being a Divisional Head of America’s FBI. And na so we take watch the bros dey negotiate deal dey share dollars. His instinct and or training did not warn him that he was walking into a trap even after the NDLEA operative insisted on controlling the meeting venue (inside his car) and time!

Kyari was head of IRT, but T4T doubts his intelligence. 

Anyway, the NDLEA has promised to release a ‘part 2’ of the movie. It promises to be very ‘sweet’ like honey. So, just wait and grab ya copy!

What This Nollywood Actress Did On Vaelentine’s Day
NOLLYWOOD actress Boma Tubonimi Arinyedokari (dis name long sha) posted a very ‘wicked’ picture of herself on her Facebook profile on Valentine’s Day with a message: “Happy Valentine’s Day My Sweet Berries.”

It is not about message, the pishor wey accompany the message naim be the mata here. Of a truth, the actress fine, she fine and she come fine well, well for the Valentine pishor. Nice packaging mi lady, but we love to see more of you in the movies. You have been very scarce in recent years abi you don turn to ‘former’ actress ni? 

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