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Teeth 4 teeth…

By Justin Akpovi-Esade
12 March 2022   |   2:43 am
Super Eagles of Nigeria interim coach, Austin Eguaveon, is talking too much ahead of the crucial World Cup qualifying playoff match with the Ghana Black Stars

Nigeria’s head coach Austin Eguavoen (Photo: ABDELHAK SENNA/AFP)

Bros Eguaveon, Watch It!
Super Eagles of Nigeria interim coach, Austin Eguaveon, is talking too much ahead of the crucial World Cup qualifying playoff match with the Ghana Black Stars, and it is high time he stopped granting press interviews!

This period, every time you logged in to the Internet, it is one statement or the other from the former international player turned coach that you get to see either in text or video. The bros go talk so tay, he will reveal all his strategies to Ghana before the two-legged match later this month.

Eguaveon has been busy talking practically about all the players he invited for the clash and the roles they will play. The one that got T4T really amazed was the reason he gave for inviting once key player of the Eagles, Ogenyi Onazi. He said he invited the out of favour star to ‘pacify’ some people! Haba bros!

If you nor wan invite Onazi, nor invite am, he has stopped playing top-flight football for years. In fact, he plays in a second division club of one country like dat, so, why belittle the young man who gave his all to the country when he was on top of his game?

Anyway, T4T don talk im own, if you like continue to dey talk and dey reveal ya tactics to Ghana, na so you talk talk before our last game with Tunisia for the last Nations Cup wey everybody tink say we go hammer dem 10 kondo, naim dem come shock us commot the tournament. 

I don tork my own!

What Are You Always Doing At That Spot, Mr President?

PRESIDENT of the Actors Guild of Nigeria, Emeka Rollas is always seen by T4T at a particular motor tyre vulcanizer off Thomas Animashaun Street, Aguda, Surulere, why? 

T4T was tempted to ask the actor after he was sighted again recently (probably, that would be about the fourth time in a year) what he was always doing at that spot, but he decided to mind his business and rather asked about the well being of his family and the movie industry.

So, if you know someone who knows someone who knows Mr President, Rollas, kindly send him to ask oga what he is always doing at that vulcanizer spot even under the hot sun.

By the way, before you ask T4T what he is also always doing around that spot that is making him to ‘catch’ Emeka Rollas every time, kindly note that it is T4T’s job to catch the stars and reveal what they are doing or even thinking. 

T4T is that good.

What Charles Inojie’s Phone Did To Him
NOLLYWOOD comedy star, Charles Inojie had a ‘huge’ challenge recently, but to God be the glory, the God of (name of his pastor withheld) came to his rescue and he overcame the challenge.

For over a week, T4T was calling the mobile phone of the star actor to pass across a message. The phone was ringing off the hook, literally. Two SMS messages to the number went un-replied. Then, when T4T was beginning to really get worried, he decided to try the number one more time and the actor picked up. He then narrated his ordeal with the mobile phone.

“Nor be last week, the phone begin hot like say na gas cooker? E reach one point, I get to leave am for room, run go outside, so dat wen e explode, I nor go dey dia. Later sha, I go check the phone, the screen don blank. Na so I nor come dey see any number wey dey call and even to pick call, na war bcos the slide freeze. Now, the kain phone wey I dey use, the screen dear pass the phone, so fear to carry am go Computer Village go fix catch me.”

Well, Charlie finally summoned courage and took the phone to a popular sales and repair shop and to the glory of God, the technician found out that the phone got angry and malfunctioned because the actor put on so many applications, which bugged it down. It took less than five minutes to stop all the running Apps and Charlie got his groove back!

He has fixed sometime this month for boys to gather and celebrate the fixing of the phone with some bottles of… your guess is as good as mine and a plate of the legendary O’jez pepper soup. 

Daddy Showkey And Ordinary Fish
T4T was prowling the Internet during the week. He decided to see what Daddy Showkey was up to on his Facebook TL. Lo and behold, the Ajegunle music star posted a video where he was screaming and celebrating a fish he said was bought for him by his friend. 

The not too big dish was in a small bowl and Showkey was screaming like he just got a car gift from Dangote.

“Make una come see the fish wey dem buy for me o. 25k naim be the fish”.

T4T looked closely at the 25k fish, well, it is a fairly expensive fish called ‘Eba’ locally by Urhobos and Isokos of Delta State. It is used for marriage ceremonies mostly, but people with means also buy it. It is expensive but the one Showkey was screaming about and claiming it was 25k be like a baby ‘eba’. Who go buy dat small ‘eba’ for 5k sef?

Anyway sha, enjoy your 25k fish Showkey Bobo!