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By Justin Akpovi-Esade
02 April 2022   |   2:33 am
Do you know this Nollywood veteran actor, Paul Adams-Paul? You should know him. He and his generation ruled the airwaves during the era of soap operas back in the day, of course

Will Smith slaps Chris Rock

This Nollywood Actor’s Marriage Is Na Wa
Do you know this Nollywood veteran actor, Paul Adams-Paul? You should know him. He and his generation ruled the airwaves during the era of soap operas back in the day, of course, before Pay TV came into being.

Dark, Very suave and handsome with a trademark moustache then (still has the moustache to date anyway), he was a toast of many on the small screen.

Well, now you know Paul Adams. But knowing him is not the story here.

At 65, the bros just got married (or should T4T say remarried?).

For over a week (last week), the actor was on fire on Facebook, posting pictures of both his traditional and Christian wedding pictures. He so flooded his Timeline with the pictures that it got to a point, T4T was jealous and wanted to go and marry another wife just to post pictures like the bros since the time he married, there was no Facebook to show the world how marriage dey sweet like dis.

A mischievous fella took a dig at him on Facebook asking if that was his second or third marriage considering his age. Wetin kwansign bad belle pipu if bros dey marry again? Why are people like this tori olorun?

Anyway, congratulations sir. You made many of us very jealous of the glamour you brought into the marriage. Our prayer here is, may your new marriage last and last, unlike some Nollywood marriages IJN!

How Another Nollywood Actor Made Us Know She Was In The UK
PLUS size Nollywood actress, Ifeoma Okeke, wanted to let the world know that she was not in the country recently. When she posted on her Facebook Timeline, she smartly activated the location app announcing she was in the UK. 
Smart gal! 

From the excitement in her post, e be like say na the first time dis my beloved sister enter dat side, according to one bad belle person.

Anyway, weda na first or 10th time o, sha my babe don enta dat side. What T4T does not know now is whether she has decided to relocate to the UK to revive her career, so let us fire small prayer for our dear Ifeoma Okeke today. May your hustle pay and may we suddenly see you in a Hollywood movie or Broadway stage IJN!

Will Smith’s Slap: Lesson For Nigerian Comedians
THE entire world was shocked when multiple award-winning actor, Will Smith gave fellow star Chris Rock a ‘dirty’ slap (as if there is a clean slap) on live TV at the recently held Oscars for telling a perceived bad joke about his wife, Jada Pinkett. 

Well, na dia American wahala be dat. However, that slap should be a wake-up call for Nigerian comedians who think being funny is about making an audience member at live shows the butt of their jokes. T4T know of so many people who will never attend comedy shows in Nigeria and if they do, will never sit on the front row because of fear that the comedians will take on them.

There is a popular saying by someone who T4T has forgotten that “Everything is funny as long as it is happening to someone else”, so the rest audience members will always laugh when someone is being verbally abused in the name of ‘cracking’ jokes.

A former president of Nigeria once warned a popular comedian on live TV some years ago when the comedian made him the subject of his joke. Well sha, T4T hopes that Nigerian comedians will not be receiving slaps upandan going forward since Will Smith has shown everybody how to handle that kind of unpleasant situation. 

Now That DSTV Has Increased Subscription, What To Expect…
T4T saw a message alert on his TV screen earlier this week. The message was from Pay TV outfit, DSTV informing that from April 1(yesterday), the outfit would be jacking up its monthly subscription on all bouquets and so subscribers should hurry up and pay before the due date to enjoy the old rate.

The reason DSTV gave for the upward review of subscription was the high inflation and cost of operations. Even when things were okay, you people always jack up your subscription na now wey diesel price per litre don reach to build small house for village? 

Dear DSTV, we understand why you had to raise the subscription, but T4T hopes that you will also use part of the money to acquire new content for your different channels and save us the irritating repetitions of movies on your Yoruba, Nollywood and Hollywood channels. Some of us have watched over 200 repeated movies so much so that we can recite word for word, what almost all the characters said. In fact, T4T now practically plays the role of Harrison Ford in Airforce One after seeing the movie over 2,000 times in the last one year!

It will amount to fraud if you increase your subscription yet you still repeat Ozor Burial and all other Nollywood films you air on your Epic Channel. It will be the height of scamming your customers if you repeat almost all the movies you air on your Yoruba channel. 

T4T is watching and will let the world know even if the government bodies regulating your kind of business are sleeping while you shortchange your customers.