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Teeth 4 teeth

By Guardian Nigeria
30 April 2022   |   2:43 am
All these years that the latest Governor of Anambra State, His Excellency, Charles Soludo, has been in the limelight, nobody knew he had a son who sings or even plays sekere.

Soludo. Photo/twitter/CCSoludo

Gov Soludo’s Son, Ozonna
All these years that the latest Governor of Anambra State, His Excellency, Charles Soludo, has been in the limelight, nobody knew he had a son who sings or even plays sekere. So, it was a sweet surprise to read in the news recently that the Governor’s son, Ozonna, is prepping up to release his album. What a perfect time to do that if you would ask T4T, but who would ask T4T na.

Anyways, T4T has been seeing Ozonna in photo ops with Davido and other top Nigerian stars, na dia T4T no say the young man music go soon done from the fire wey e dey. But sha, Ozonna needs to work on his appearance. The guy does not look like an artiste at all. In fact, he does not even look like the son of a state Governor, well, at the moment!

Zazzu In the UK And More…
LATEST sensation in the nation’s music industry, Portable aka Zazzu Zeh is presently in the United Kingdom, and that is the only trending news in the entertainment industry in Nigeria at the moment.

One would imagine why a supposedly private trip of an artiste abroad would generate this kind of buzz, but then, if that artiste is Zazzu Zeh, no one should be surprised. His first trip outside the shores of Nigeria was to Kenya, Kenya o, and it created this kind of stir. 

Now, to the issue. T4T did not know who took Zazzu to Kenya, but he sure knows he took him to the UK and he is E Money, the businessman, music promoter and younger brother of popular singer, Kcee. 

One is tempted to ask why people are taking Zazzu on trips as a sidekick when they are travelling. Well, the guy is like a circus clown, he sure performs to the admiration and amusement of the circus master and large Internet followers of the master as well as the entire world. You needed to see E Money in the videos posted online feeling fulfilled as Zazzu performed some of his clownish tricks on arrival at the UK airport.

E Money had already got his money’s worth because also, the headlines T4T read screamed that it was he who took Zazzu on the trip, to do what? Play at shows lined up for him? Mba! The young man went to the UK as a clown, from the look of things unless pictures and videos of him performing at even a pub emerge.

Anyway, when one from the backwater of Ogun State becomes a star suddenly, this is what you get. Well, as long as his clowning is taking him outside the shores of Nigeria, ride on Zazzu Zeh!

Akin Lewis Too?
T4T was watching a Yoruba movie early in the week titled Olori Amolegbe, starring Jaiye Kuti, Akin Lewis among others.

I guess you should know Akin Lewis, yes, a veteran in the industry and a very good actor for that matter. That was why T4T was surprised that Mr Lewis made the familiar blunder younger artistes in Nollywood make.

At a point in the movie directed by Abiodun Olanrewaju, Akin Lewis was so angered by his wife he had to ask; “How ‘dear’ you”? In fact, he repeated it twice, if not T4T would not have believed that a WHOLE Akin Lewis would replace dare with ‘dear’ in that popular phrase in Nollywood movies.

Well, if you are in doubt, go and watch Olori Amolegeb.

Hunters Turned Barbers In Benue
IT was with total dismay that T4T watched a video online of local vigilantes in Benue State under the aegis of Benue Hunters and Forest Service shaving the hair of a young lady who sat meekly, subdued and intimidated during the week. 

The offence of the girl was that she dared to tint her hair gold. The vigilantes’ brief is to hunt for bandits and local troublemakers, but typical of a black man given a uniform and a stick (sometimes a dane gun), they must surely turn to dictators. 

Well, the update is that the culprits have been arrested by the police but then, na dia the case go die put. Nor be Nigeria we dey?

What one found very disturbing was how the young lady sat down without any form of resistance on what appeared to be a wooden stool while her rights to life were being defiled. After the public humiliation, she quietly boarded the commercial motorbike that was ferrying her to wherever she was going. Even the onlookers saw NOTHING wrong with what the vigilantes were doing! 

Which kain country be dis sef?

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