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Teeth 4 teeth

By Justin Akpovi-Esade
30 July 2022   |   2:44 am
The news of Afro hip artiste, Portable aka Zazzu being stripped of his two nominations at the oncoming Headies music award broke during the week. Expectedly, it created the buzz it was meant to create.


Headies Panel Of Judge, Jury And Executioner
The news of Afro hip artiste, Portable aka Zazzu being stripped of his two nominations at the oncoming Headies music award broke during the week. Expectedly, it created the buzz it was meant to create. 

But T4T was surprised as to the reason the organisers of the award gave for dropping the controversial young singer from the nominee’s list. That one is a subject of an ongoing police ‘criminal’ investigation is not enough to drop him or her from the nominee’s list when the matter is yet to get to court and or no court has convicted him. 

The awards organisers’ decision was brash and hasty and sanctimonious at the same time! But then, the subject is Zazzu and not a Burna Boy, Davido or Whiz Kid. What did Zazzu even do in the first place? He allegedly led thugs to beat up somebody and the video of the assault was posted online or that he threatened some artistes nominated alongside him in the same category.

Fine. But we were all aware of the threats flying upandan some years ago among nominees of the same Headies with some telling others not to step foot on the island where the awards ceremony was billed to hold. Nobody was stripped of his nomination.

The police, according to news reports, invited Zazzu. That was the last T4T heard of the story. During the same period, Burna Boy’s police escort allegedly shot someone inside a nightclub and the Police, according to to report, invited the artiste for questioning. Would Headies had dropped Burna Boy if he was among the nominees? Anyway, all animals are not equal. The book, Animal Farm on T4T’S mind!

And Politics Has Crept Into Big Brother House
ONE of the Housemates in the new season of TV reality show, Big Brother Naija, Eloswag wore a sweatshirt with a veiled political message, the slogan of one of the candidates in next year’s presidential election.

The housemate wore a hooded jacket with the inscription, ‘Be Obedient and Useful’, even though the inscription is not spelt the way supporters of the candidate who has a lot of followers online spell it, the message was the same.

This cheap attempt to bring politics into the show with the organisers feigning ignorance is irritating. The atmosphere in Nigeria is charged already and Big Brother Naija which is supposed to be an entertainment-ONLY show is about to create an inferno. Well, na dem sabi!

Police College Students In That Movie
T4T was watching a Yoruba movie on Thursday titled Owo o Teru. It featured top star, Odunlade Adekola. 

Some young people were supposedly in a Police college undergoing training to be recruited into the force. Fine, they wore the usual white shorts and T-shirts, black belts and matching white canvass. But that was how far the director of the movie did his research as to how students in a police college should dress.

Drama is an imitation of life, so if a movie Director is trying to tell us what we should know about life in a Police College, he or she should tell us the truth.

Well, since the Director is either lazy or an amateur or naive, let someone remind him that male students are given similar haircuts and their beards shaved clean. And by the way, what were those fancy wigs and ‘weavon’ doing on the head of the female students? In a Police College? In Owo oTeru, all the men, including Adekola, kept their usual beards we do see them wear in other movies. In fact, Adekola carved his in a ‘guy man’s style. Who will allow you do that in a Police College!

By the way, Mr Director, the police instructor taking the students on early morning drills should not be dressed in full police uniform like the two seen in Owo O Teru. 

T4T don talk im own. 

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