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By Justin Akpovi-Esade
03 September 2022   |   2:29 am
About three weeks ago, veteran Nollywood star, Shan George, publicly displayed her ignorance on the issue of some sacked policemen who were caught on tape brutalising and extorting innocent Nigerians

Daddy Showkey

Like Shan George, Like Daddy Showkey
About three weeks ago, veteran Nollywood star, Shan George, publicly displayed her ignorance on the issue of some sacked policemen who were caught on tape brutalising and extorting innocent Nigerians.

Her argument was that the culprits would become hardened criminals after the police institution relieved them of their jobs.

It took the police authorities spokesman to educate her on the workings of the force, politely telling her that it is not a ‘social club’ as it has its rules that all personnel MUST adhere to.

Obviously, Daddy Showkey did not follow what transpired with Shan George’s case. So, he did a video during the week displaying cheap, raw emotions when two policewomen were suspended for breaching the police Social Media rules. 

While playing to the gallery, the Ajegunle music star told the world how Nigerians perceive the police force and so, the two policewomen did nothing wrong by trying to become Internet sensations with the montage of videos they posted online like they were some pop stars.

T4T had to go and view the videos, and truly did not find anything offensive about them, but then, rules are rules. If you belong to a regimented organisation, you must adhere to all the rules or face the consequences of your actions even when deemed to be good in the face of the public.

But there was a twist to the issue, which Daddy Showkey missed. The two policewomen adorned the uniforms of superior officers in one of the videos. By the way, they are not even regular policewomen (they are actually SPY police, like a reserve unit), so their offence was not limited to wearing the uniforms of regular policewomen alone, but trying to deceive further by coming across as officers. Daddy Showkey missed that part when he suddenly wanted to be a Police rights activist!

By the way, bros Showkey, it is a feasibility study, and not a ‘visibility’ study like you wrote when asking us to go and do a ‘visibility’ study on the police and how citizens perceive them. T4T had advised you long ago to always get a third party to edit your posts before you click on the send button. 

Nor be quarrel, na advise o

That Young Man Who Picked
Baby On The Street

T4T was moved emotionally when he watched the video of the young Enugu man, Benkingsly Nwashara, as he narrated the story of how he picked up a baby abandoned on the street by a mentally challenged woman.

It was aired on the BBC pidgin English news site. 

It was when Nwachara told of how he first took the little girl of about two years to the nearest police station and the police told him to take the baby home was what shocked T4T to his very foundation. The police asked a private citizen, who took a baby to the station, to keep it.

Well, if you had gone to make an arrest before and the police had asked you to provide money for petrol for the police van, money to buy the pen and paper you would use to write your complaint etc, you won’t be too shocked here, but for the police to ask one to keep a baby that is not his…! 

One can imagine this kind of scenario playing out in a country where real humans live, how the police would immediately call emergency health services and even a helicopter with not less than three ambulances would converge on the station, take the child to a hospital and later to a children’s home…

But as you read this piece, the young man is still with the child! He has turned into an emergency father. He said he visited the station again and the DPO (Divisional Police Officer) even gave him some money to assist in the upkeep of the baby. The chairman of his Local Council had also given him money too; no government agency has deemed it wise to take the child from him to be given proper care in a government facility built to handle such special cases (that is if there is any of such facility still functional at the moment).

Wait o, which Ministry is in charge of this kind of case and why has nobody responded even as viral as the story went online because T4T noticed that the video had been viewed by over two million people so far?

Still On Sanwo Olu ‘Okada’ Ban
WHO is advising Lagos State Governor, Mr Babajide Sanwo Olu on his Okada (commercia motorcycle) ban? T4T read the statement by the state government where it declared that a fresh clampdown was billed to begin on September 1 (Thursday) and this time around, aside the Okada operator, the passenger also risks a three-year jail term!

Three year jail term for just being a passenger on an Okada! What of if person thief small torchlight phone, na im be say im jail term go reach 20 years na.

Mr Governor, T4T hopes you have enough lawyers in your Justice Department, because while no one stops you from banning Okada, but if entering an Okada that your enforcement agents failed to apprehend will fetch the passenger a whole three years in prison, be assured that the kind of law suits your government would get would break world record.

Just so you know Sir, you can NEVER completely ban Okada in Lagos. The policemen you gave an order to enforce the ban are either the Okada riders when they are off duty or the ‘richer’ ones own most of the Okadas, so tell me if they will enforce your order? 

If you send your Task Force from Alausa, they tip every Okada rider that are paying protection money off. The streets are quiet till your Task Force goes back to Alausa. Off duty soldiers are lords of the road. They wear a part of their uniforms and can carry a passenger from Surulere to Lekki and nobody dares challenge them or else… what happened between your Task Force officials and a soldier allegedly from Abati Barracks, Surulere, some days ago, is still fresh in the head. 

If passengers did not see Okada, they won’t board one. You will have to jail half of Lagos Oga Governor, because as long as Lagosians continue to see Okada on the streets, they will use their services.