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Famous Otakponwen Beats COVID-19 To It
Don’t let the headline confuse you one bit. Veteran Nollywood producer Famous Otakponwen did not let the global pandemic slow him down at all. While the entire world was shut down about two months ago, nobody knew Famous was working round the clock. Teeth 4 Teeth was surprised recently when the producer proudly announced on his Facebook Timeline that he had released his latest movie into the market. What! 

Titled Concerned Friends, the movie stars Emeka Enyiocha and Naomi Emmanuel. I was tempted to get into touch with Otakponwen and the Edo native was quick to remind me that, “eye wey dey cry, dey see road”.Well, the movie, he said, will make its cinema tour as soon as government opens cinemas across the nation. We will keep you up to speed.

How Ibinabo Goofed
Do you still remember once upon on a time Nollywood actress, who later became the president of the Actors Guild of Nigeria, AGN, Ibinabo Fiberesima?
You should, she was very popular back in the day for good and bad things, and very beautiful too, even till date. But that is not the issue here o.


The actress is now an Environmental Activist. She took to her Facebook Timeline on Monday and the message below was what she posted:
“The Top Picture is “OUR” Niger Delta , The lower Picture is Banana Island in Lagos where we have headquarters of “OUR” Oil Companies drilling day and night off “OUR” SHORES ….. Make we get sense ooooo…Wait I am coming. #WaitIAmComing”

Teeth 4 Teeth, being the ever-nosey fella he is, quietly reminded her in the comments section that for us from the Niger Delta, we had OUR brother as president for six years and nothing happened to our region. 

Ironically, ibinabo was very close to that president and at a point, she was practically living in the presidential villa. Then, her eyes were blind to the perceived degradation of the Niger Delta region.

Anyway, how did she really goof? The picture she claimed to be that of Banana Island was one very badly done Photoshop. Either Ibinabo has never been to Banana Island or she hurriedly shared what she did not do a proper check on.

Still On Ibinabo
Well, save your breath, this is good news about our dear Ibinabo, the one and only Madam Ex President of AGN. I am happy to tell you that IB, as she’s fondly called, is now an author. This was what she said on her Facebook Timeline on Monday, minutes after she misfired with the Banana Island thing:

“I AM FINALLY AN AUTHOR ‼! Thanks be to God. It’s been a SERIES of HOPE shared and now you have your wish to delightfully have it in one beautiful compilation. Dear friends, you started the race with me, so come on… let’s hit the INNER SPRINGS together!”


I have told you, so go and grab ya copy now!!!!!
Little Children Show Charles Inojie ‘Pepper’
Teeth 4 Teeth’s mobile was ringing non stop as early as 7am last Friday and who was calling other than ‘Mr Johnson’, Charles Inojie. He wanted to discuss something important with me and we needed to see urgently.

We had an appointment at a local pub in Surulere. You know Charlie had left Surulere for highbrow Magodo over three years now.After the meeting, as we stepped out, there was a crowd of little boys and girls all wanting to have a photo session with the Nollywood star, under that scorching sun. Teeth 4 Teeth quietly stepped aside, well, I am not a star, so?

After minutes, the kids were still trooping from God knows where and dragging Charlie, who was already sweating profusely. Teeth 4 Teeth hid further, nor be me go spoil some small pikins fun make dem swear for me, and my mama say small pikin swear dey catch fast… Inojie had had enough, he threw one wisecrack and while the kids were reeling in laughter, he stylishly slipped into his Lexus car and drove off. Smart Edo man!


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