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By Justin Akpovi-Esade
29 October 2022   |   2:37 am
There is this printer who goes by the name, @itstrinityguy. He is a young man, heavily bearded, fair in complexion and about 5’7ft. He wears a white robe popularly called ‘Jalamia’ (did T4T get that right?) which is torn in one of the armpits.

Femi Adebayo

Time For That Prankster To Be Arrested
There is this printer who goes by the name, @itstrinityguy. He is a young man, heavily bearded, fair in complexion and about 5’7ft. He wears a white robe popularly called ‘Jalamia’ (did T4T get that right?) which is torn in one of the armpits. 

Now, you have a fair idea of who T4T is talking about in case you run into one of his many, well, now dangerous skits online. His skits are unique, and localised kind of because he operates in a suburban area where he pranks locals sometimes with ‘madness’ or ‘ritual’ pranks. Guess, he felt he was no longer funny with that line of pranks, and so decided to upgrade to a more practical one, which has taken a dangerous turn.

T4T was aghast to see a series of his newly released pranks where he pretends to be fetching water from a paid tap and calls on an innocent person walking past to assist him in lifting a big pail of water. The innocent strangers are well-dressed individuals going to work or meetings, well dressed and made up (like in the case of the two women seen in the videos). As the unsuspecting helper lifts his or her side of the big plastic bowl, @itstrinityguy mischievously let his side go and drenches the helper in a large pool of water!

He got quite a few slaps and kicks from the furious helpers, even while he pretends it was a slip. And if you thought he was done, then you are mistaken. This young man stalks the angry helper walking back home to change clothes and covers him/her head with the empty plastic water container and runs!

This has gone beyond a mere comedy prank video, this is a full-blown physical assault and it is high time he was arrested by the police and made to face the full wrath of the law before someone who detests practical jokes commits murder by killing him. “Everything is funny as long as it is happening to someone else” (quote not original to T4T) but as T4T watched the videos, they were everything but funny. 

Electric Phone Prank And More
THE electric mobile phone prank is funny, but the funny part of it is not the focus here. Well, in case you have not seen any of the Electric phone pranks, this is how it works. The prankster walks up innocently to someone on the streets and asks for directions. He gets the right address and as he walks away, drops the mobile phone.

The good samaritan who just gave the stranger directions to where he sought has now seen an opportunity to land a new, expensive-looking phone, which unknowingly to him/her is a phone that releases very discomforting electric shocks. The reactions of the thieves are always very hilarious to watch.

But that is not the news here. It is shocking to find out that society has degenerated to the level that a stranger drops his belongings and another person, immediately takes them with the intention to keep. What has happened to the humanity in us to call on the person who mistakenly dropped his stuff to get it back? In fact, T4T was aghast to see that some people actually denied ever taking the phone after tucking it in their underwear or bags, when the prankster asked, not until the phone began to shock the living hell out of them!

There is no other word for the actions of the people who decided to keep the electric phone; it is pure stealing! But the good news is, at least, we saw ONE per cent of people who returned the phone and they got rewarded for their act of honesty. 

That UNILAG Graduate…
THERE is this young man who claimed (T4T decided to play safe by using the word ‘claimed’) to be an Animal Science graduate of the University of Lagos (UNILAG), Effiong James Udoh. 

Udoh was proudly adorned in his NYSC service full uniform. A proud graduate, and then on video, he was asked to spell Hipopotamus. He refused, asking what ‘Hipopotamus’ did (wrong) that would make the skit maker ask him to spell it. The video was not acted. One could see the fear and doubt in the eyes of Udoh even as he said he does want to get into trouble, so, he won’t spell Hippopotamus.

The amused skit maker, knowing he had him, pressed him further, reminding him that as an Animal Science graduate, he should know Hippopotamus, but Mr Udoh refused and at a point, he had to take to his heels!

T4T hereby calls on UNILAG authorities to investigate if truly Udoh is a graduate of that institution… if he is, then, he should be made to go and start 100 Level all over again!

REVEALED: The Actor Actually Owns That Hilux Van
Last week, T4T told you about the ‘love’, popular Yoruba actor, Femi Adebayo seems to have for a particular grey-coloured Toyota Hilux van that he practically uses in all his movies. T4T wondered if there was more to it.

Well, you can now relax, it is confirmed that Adebayo, son of veteran actor, Oga Bello may be the owner of the van. How did T4T know this? During the week, the video of the actor and his wife surfaced online where they were seen on the patio of their home playfully engaged in a boxing bout. As the camera followed them as they both weaved and bobbed, the camera showed the now famous Hilux van in the background alongside two other cars. This can never be a coincidence; Femi Adebayo owns that van he has been seen using in more than four movies seen by T4T! 


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