Sunday, 28th May 2023


By Justin Akpovi-Esade
20 May 2023   |   3:16 am
You need to see this comedy skit online where an undergraduate, adorned in a university matriculation gown, was being interviewed by one of these pranksters.

Burna Boy and Wizkid-

The ‘Racist’ undergraduate
You need to see this comedy skit online where an undergraduate, adorned in a university matriculation gown, was being interviewed by one of these pranksters.

The interview dovetailed into what the meaning of a ‘racist’ was, and what this young man said would shock any living soul.
He defined a racist as one who “races to achieve his goals”. And consequently, he called himself a ‘racist’ because, according to him, he has set for himself some goals he came to the school to achieve. This skit was not scripted, it was real!
He went further to give an example of ‘racists’ by mentioning top billionaires in the country. T4T will not mention them here!
While the about five minutes reality comedy skit was funny, it also reveals the rot in the country’s educational institution. A young undergraduate does not know the meaning of the word RACIST?
The VC or Rector of the school of the young man should fish him out and assign to him two private lecturers that will be giving him home lectures. He is an embarrassment to the entire world!

Everybody is now an Afrobeat singer!
There is a troubling trend in the nation’s music industry. It is very troubling!
This new generation of artistes are all now being described as ‘Afrobeat’ musicians by the press and other people. T4T have read on several occasions, Davido, Whiz Kid and just recently, Tiwa Savage among others being described as ‘Afrobeat’ musicians. Baba Fela will turn in his grave!

The compere who introduced Tiwa Savage to the stage when she performed at the coronation concert of King Charles actually called her the ‘Queen of Afrobeats’! What!
Afrobeats without an assemblage of heavy sounds of drums, trumpets, horns and saxophones? Fela was the originator of Afrobeat. He passed it on to his two sons, Femi and Seun Kuti. Dede at a point was heavy in that genre. Every other Nigerian artistes ruling the music scene across the world at the moment could be best described as AFRO POP, not AFROBEATS artistes.
Yam and coco yam nor be the same, abeg.

Odunlade Adekola and this Lexus SUV
YORUBA movie star, Odunlade Adekola is a very good actor, yes, he is. But can someone please help us to beg him to give this particular Lexus SUV a break in almost all the movies he stars in or produces and directs?
T4T has seen Odunlade Adekola use this metallic blue Lexus SUV in more than five movies in recent times, the latest being ‘Odaju’, a 2019 flick directed by himself which was aired on Pay TV early in the week.
Like the proverbial Mary and her little lamb, this SUV now follows Adekola everywhere he goes. Bros, the viewers are beginning to notice and it is becoming very embarrassing. Na only dat motor dey Lagos? We no say maybe na you get am, but abeg, borrow anoda car to take shoot ya films na.
By the way, how can you be a rich man in a movie courtesy money ritual, and all the evil money could fetch you is that OLD Lexus SUV?
Na fawol you take do the money ritual?

Well, T4T was wrong about that Comedian 
Last week, T4T had cause to cry out to the world that comedian Tunde Adewale, popularly known as TeeA may be on his way to becoming a Pentecostal ‘Man of God’, what with his new style of wearing designer suits and quoting Bible scriptures on Facebook. Well, T4T was wrong. That phase has since gone by.
Early in the week, T4T took a stroll to the comedian’s Facebook Timeline and this was what he saw: “#URGENTSALE. Just shipped in. Full duty paid. 2014 C 300. #AMG TRIM  #Fastestfingers offer. N8.5M Only.” The pictures of the car accompanied the post. E be like say bros TeeA don turn car dealer now now now o! The hustle is real!