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Teeth 4 teeth


Only In Nigerian Movies…
I WAS watching a Yoruba movie some time ago, the lead female actor was so frustrated by her husband that she decided to end it all by committing suicide.

After taking the painful decision, the next scene was of her staring at a bottle on top of the centre table in the room, with POISON boldly written on it. I could not help but laugh.


So, pharmacies sell medicines named POISON and are used to commit suicide? Heheheheeheh, these Nollywood producers and Directors will not ‘kill’ somebody one day with their special ‘skills’.

And to think the Director will applaud himself for a ‘job’ well done! Anyway, to God be the glory, as usual!

That ‘Nigerian’ In Gangs Of London
WHOEVER casted that fella to play a Nigerian in the TV series titled Gangs of London does not know anything about Nigeria, and the actor too did not do his research well enough about how Nigerians speak, especially our popular Pidgin English.

‘Morsi’, a drug dealer in the series, spoke Nigerian Pidgin English like one from Senegal or DR Congo. This is one mistake foreign film producers make all the time when the cast someone to play a Nigerian in their movies.


They bring actors from South Africa, Congo among others who speak some heavily accented English and call them ‘Nigerians’ because they believe all Africans sound alike. That is laziness.

Can someone please tell Hollywood that there is a large pool of talented Nigerian actors they can draw from to play a Nigerian in their movies? Very many talented actors, for emphasis.

That particular episode that featured ‘Morsi’ was a major turn off for any Nigerian who watched it. And dem come even kuku kill the ‘Nigerian’ for the film. Nigerians wey nor dey carry last, naim dem kill like small chicken-like dat. Dat one na Nigerian?


And Jazzman Olofin’s Goofed With Pride
NOT many of you will remember Afro hip hop act Jazzman Olofin, but if you don’t, at least, you will recall his one and only song, that made some kind of impact on the scene then. It was titled Raise Da Roof.

Anyway, that is not the story here. If you have access to the artiste, can you please tell him to go back to his post on Facebook and edit the second word in the first line of it to replace ‘roll’ with row?

Jazzman Olofin. Photo: Nigeriafilms

It was supposed to be a caption of a throwback photograph of himself and family members, the post.

“Front ‘roll’ (emphasis T4T) seat, extreme right, looking extra cool… Now that’s me! Sitting quietly in my “Calvin Klien” suit and Dangote’s smile I could never do any wrong but I’m told the kind of smile I had here was what I used to switch on when I was about to do something mischievous.

This was me in the late 70’s hanging out with siblings and cousins somewhere in Lagos. Although our state of origin is Ekiti ( Ikere-Ekiti), but we were all born and raised in Lagos state. Yes!

One good thing about this picture is that, except for just one person, everyone in this picture is still alive still and kicking it. I guess we have Almighty GOD to thank for that.

By the way, I’ve still got my mischievous smile, the mind is always up to something naughty noni! Source: Personal.”


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