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By Justin Akpovi-Esade
20 March 2021   |   2:52 am
T4T had asked this question some time ago, but it is pertinent that it should be asked again; what does DSTV have against God?

What Does DSTV Have Against God?
T4T had asked this question sometime ago, but it is pertinent that it should be asked again; what does DSTV have against God?

If you are a follower of Epic and Yoruba movie channels, you will ask this same question, however, you may not be in a position to publicly ask it the way T4T is doing now.

If an actor exclaims, “Oh My God”! in a Nollywood movie on Epic and Yoruba channels, someone with an aversion for the name God, takes it upon himself to blurt out God from the exclamation. Also, if an actor says, “ I swear in the name of God”, God is blurted out; same goes for a movie with a subtitle, the word God is usually redacted like it’s done in classified secret service memos.

One thinks that only obscene words are censored, on TV, so T4T is wondering when God became an obscene word. IS SOMEONE SUFFERING FROM GODPHOBIA AT DSTV?

Still On The Fella Handling Subtitling In Yoruba Movies
AND so, on Wednesday, March 3, 2021, T4T was watching a Yoruba movie on Pay TV, which featured Steve Show and Bimbo Oshin. Great movie about a brother who took over the monies and property of his twin while he was doing time in prison for a drug-related offence.

T4T was enjoying the flick until the guy who handled the subtitling put ‘sand sand’ inside the garri of the film. 

“Let us nip this problem in the board”, the person wrote as interpretation for what Steve Show said in a conversation.

Nip this problem in the ‘board’? Which board bikonu? Snooker board abi na chalk board? Or maybe a skate board even.

If na North Korea dis guy for make dis kain mistake so…I nor go tork pass like dis! But sha, TO GOD BE THE GLORY!

Who’s After Nollywood Stars?
LAST week, hackers hacked Nollywood actor, Jude Orhorha’s Facebook account and the hacker was using is to post a Ponzi scheme. That was not enough, another hacker (or maybe na the same person) opened a Twitter account in the name of Nollywood star, Charles Inojie, a development that made Papa Charlie to issue a caveat warning people not to have anything to do with the said account. 

And just this week, the ‘boys’ went after another Nollywoos star, Emeka Enyiocha. And this time around, it was producer Famous Otakponmwen, who was busy shouting himself hoarse on Facebook, warning everybody to stay clear off Enyiocha’s Instagram account.

The way Famous carry the matter for head dey post every minute for Facebook about wetin happin for Instagram, T4T sef come dey fear weda anoda tin dey inside.

Anyway sha, it is good to be a brother’s keeper. But bros, you nearly too shout for the matta na. Be calming down small small!

Who Will Warn Gov Yayaha Bello For Me?
GOVERNOR Yayaha Bello of Kogi is touted to be the youngest state executive in Nigeria. But that is not the news here. 

Bello, according to rumours, is gunning for Aso Rock come 2023. And recently, Government House, Kogi, has become Mecca for many political jobbers and hustlers.

And trust my Nollywood folks, they don’t usually miss out on actions like this. They have paid a ‘courtesy call on Bello. They went in large numbers and to date, the SEXY dress female star Destiny Etiko wore on that visit is still the talk of the town. 

Bello should be careful, if Nollywood stars have the influence to make one president, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan would have won the 2015 presidential election because they were practically sleeping in Aso Rock. They flooded all his campaign rallies…but the rest is history. 

Bros Bello, na wetin dem go chop dem dey find. Dem go eat you reach bone o! I don tork my own.

Someone, Please Beg Yoruba Actors For Us…
SOMEONE should help T4T beg some Yoruba actors to PLEASE stick to Yoruba language ONLY and not try to impress by speaking English language. I don’t know who they want to impress anyway. 

And so, this movie was showing on Yoruba channel, titled Airotele. It featured Mustapha Sholagbade and Kemi Afolabi among others. When the actors started speaking 40 per cent English language and 60 per cent Yoruba, I knew trouble was imminent. And the trouble did come. “He is a gentleman to the cord”. 

What? Gentleman to the ‘cord’?  Where did that come from?

Please, abeg, Yoruba actors, stick to your Yoruba, that is why it is called YORUBA FILM!

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