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TEETH 4 TEETH … With Justin Akpovi-Esade


That Nollywood Actor’s Press Statement

T4T stumbled on Yoruba actor, Yomi Fabiyi’s press statement in support of an embattled colleague, Lanre Omiyinka popularly called Baba Ijesha who is currently facing charges of sexual molestation of a minor. The actor was recently granted police bail after 25 days in detention.


Fabiyi was about the only actor who stuck his neck out in support of Baba Ijesha, up to the point of leading a street protest calling on the police to grant him bail. 

However, you need to carefully read one of his press statements. From the beginning to the end, Fabiyi ‘murdered’ the English language.

“I have carefully ‘wait’ for reliable options before jumping to a conclusion as done in a civilised society…,” the actor wrote.

One thought that was a slip, but reading further, Fabiyi confirmed why he is truly a Yoruba actor.


When someone said he studied Law in the university, T4T gave up. Well, maybe it was Yoruba language he used in studying the Law. If not, how can someone who studied Law write English so badly like that?

Bros, next time you wan write any press statement, kuku use Yoruba write am. Nobody goes beat you. 

An Appeal To Nollywood Actors
T4T is using this medium to appeal to all Nollywood actors, especially the ones in the local language genre, to properly think through it, anytime any of the actors want to impress with the English language in the middle of the film. 


And so, T4T was watching a Yoruba film titled Boderline Aala during the week, very interesting movie, until an actress decided to try her hands on English language. She is one of my favourite actresses in the Yoruba film genre, so, I am keeping her name under wraps here; if you like aproko well well, go and watch the movie and you will know her identity (the movie was directed by Titi Jeje, that should further guide you.)

“She does not allow you to know people who ‘loves’ you”, the actress said.

T4T thought his ears were playing tricks on him, but alas, the very beautiful movie star proudly repeated the line and even rolled her eyes in an attempt to seduce the actor. It dawned on T4T that she did not know that she just released two North Korean Nuclear missiles, in English!


The babe falls my hand. Even if the screenplay writer wrote that line, so as pretty as she is, she nor no say there is no way people can ‘loves’?

I have been shouting on top of my voice, if you dey act Yoruba or Urhobo or Hausa or Igbo film, nor bother speak English language, abeg. Speak the language wey you take dey act the film. Don’t attempt to impress anybody and end up ‘un’ impressing everybody. 

Ayaf tork my own. 

Yomi Gold Fires Own Missile
YOU know the dark, heavily bearded Nollywood actor, Yomi Gold. You sure do. Please, if you by any chance run into him, tell him that he should immediately register at any acting training school to remove the mother tongue interference in his speech.


Yomi Gold was the lead actor in the movie T4T saw recently on TV, titled Sisi Keffy (Crush). 

He was a star actor whose female crush was stalking him all over the place. Then it came to the scene the young lady called Yomi Gold on phone, and then the celebrity screamed: Do you want to spoil my ‘himage’? Do you want to spoil my ‘himage’?”

It took T4T some couple of minutes to realise that the ‘himage’ Yomi Gold pronounced was actually IMAGE. Wow! Never knew the actor had ‘it’ too!

Anyway, it is not too late, it can still be worked on, it will only cost Yomi some money, which is not too much compared to the embarrassment he will get any time he tries to pronounce words like air, image…


Like Yomi Gold, Like Eadris Abdukarim
HIP HOP artiste Eadris Abdukarim was in the news recently when he had a face-off with a government minister Festus Keyamo, SAN. 

T4T will not get into why they were going for each other’s jugular, but one person that gained from the spat was Eadris. He sure needed the attention to revive his ailing career and he indeed cashed in on it by releasing ill-prepared singles, bashing Keyamo and the government of the day.

In one of the singles, Eadris was doing a voice-over and this was what came out: “A lot of people supported Buhari, but they are ‘hall’ regretting it.”

Never knew Eadris was in the same group with Yomi Gold o. Nice one.


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