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Teeth 4 teeth

By Justin Akpovi-Esade
02 July 2022   |   2:42 am
T4T does not watch those many so-called comedy videos that assault one every time you log on to the Internet. Most of them are very dry, but it seems it is a fertile ground for many wannabes

Charles Inojie

So Much For Prank Videos!
T4T does not watch those many so-called comedy videos that assault one every time you log on to the Internet. Most of them are very dry, but it seems it is a fertile ground for many wannabe artistes and they seem to be making money from the venture.

But during the week, for want of something to do, T4T clicked on one of those videos with a caption; ‘This Prank Will Blow Your Mind’.

There is this guy with a large repertoire and he calls himself a prankster. The bearded young man wears a white kaftan and carries about what looks like an empty carton of a fridge. He then targets anybody walking on the street and wears the carton through his head down to his entire body. He then runs some yards away and stands like he knew nothing about what just happened. Surprise and anger happen to the victim almost at the same time! Some take it calmly, others react violently and in three of the videos T4T saw, the young men descended on the prankster and gave him the beating of his life!

There is another ‘prankster’ who goes about with a hair clipper and pretends to cut a victim’s hair. In this era of ritual money, not many people take kindly to that kind of prank. He also was beaten badly in two videos T4T saw and a woman grabbed him in the third video and screamed for neighbours to come, claiming he was a ritualist. 

Jungle justice is real in Nigeria, do these young pranksters ever think that within three minutes they could lose their lives over the dangerous pranks they carry out in a heated society like Nigeria since everybody suspects every good-looking young man on the street of money rituals otherwise called ‘yahoo plus’?

The pranks are becoming more brazen by the day, all in a bid by these emergency pranksters to get views and likes on their social media accounts which many claims bring money. But while it is good for young men to make legitimate money, it is high time they either regulate themselves or government should do that for them. There are decent videos like the ones by Mr Sabinus and a few others, which make the viewer laugh ONLY. Some video makers now use their skits to spread hate and ethnic division, not laughter anymore!

The beatings the pranksters are taking these days may also lead to serious harm to the body or even loss of life. 

T4T don talk im own, who get ear make im hear.

What Charles Inojie Did In America
COMEDY film star, Charles Inojie is currently vacationing in the US. Well, his family lives there. In a video T4T saw online, Inojie’s wife was teaching him how to press a button to stop traffic for pedestrians to cross a busy street and Charlie being the typical Edo State ‘boy’ he is, was complaining bitterly and wondering why one would not just cross fiam like we do in Lagos, Nigeria and even curse any car that refuses to slow down. 

The wife reminded him that he was not in Nigeria. You needed to see bros Charlie’s face. Anyway, let us join hands to remind him say na America you dey so, dem nor dey joke dia o. Oyinbo pipu nor sabi who be star or who nor be a star. A word is enough for…

What Ejike Asiegbu Did Last Week
NOLLYWOOD star Ejike Asiegbu ‘fall’ T4T hands, if you understand what that means here.
It crossed T4T’S mind to call the actor who is popularly called Rabbi by his close friends since he just buried his father. The ring tone was unusual, like one outside the shores of the country. That evening, he did not return the call. 24 hours after, Rabbi ‘flashed’ back! What! A whole Ejike Asiegbu ‘flashing’ instead of calling? 

Trust T4T, he called and attacked him for ‘flashing’, an old man like him. He begged that he just arrived in the UK and had insufficient airtime on his phone and had not got a UK number. 

Well, after calling him ‘flashy, flashy Daddy’, T4T forgave him. He later called with a UK number hours after and begged that T4T should not tell the world what happened. So, just assume that I am not telling the world what happened, or did I?

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