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That Yoruba actor should keep his trousers on

By Justin Akpovi-Esade
11 December 2021   |   2:48 am
There was this Yoruba movie showing on Pay TV during the week and T4T was deeply engrossed in viewing it. Titled Eri Okan, it starred one of the industry’s stars

There was this Yoruba movie showing on Pay TV during the week and T4T was deeply engrossed in viewing it. Titled Eri Okan, it starred one of the industry’s stars, Mustapha Solagbade. 

Then came the scene where Solagbade wore a short (‘short nicker’ as my street people will call it). One was surprised that e be like say, e be like say o, the guy dey rub cream! The different black patches on his otherwise ‘light’ skin are not injuries sustained while playing rugby, na bleaching cream dey cos dat kain tin.

Na wa o! So, some men go baff finish, come siddon dey rub cream for bodi, and nor be jus ordinary cream, harsh one wey go change person skin color! Anyway sha, to God be the glory!

Dear Adebimpe, Your Fans Are Grumbling!
ADEBIMBE Oyebade, a Yoruba film star is a very pretty young girl, yes, she is. And she is very good at what she does. In fact, T4T enjoys seeing her in any Yoruba movie. But that is not the issue here.

Some couple of days ago, renowned visual artist, Mufu Onifade, took to his Facebook Timeline to complain about her somewhat loud makeover for most scenes in movies. It seems she takes delight in sitting pretty and allowing a make up, no, makeover artist to laden her face with makeup which makes her looks too ‘good’ in every scene.

It is high time someone educated her and her film directors/producers that make up for film is quite different from makeover for parties and or a bride. 

Fine, you don fine, wetin you come dey find again my lady?

Hurray! Crimes Fighters Turn New Leaf
T4T has been complaining for God knows how long about the irritating repeats of a reality programme episode of Crime Fighters, being shown by Pay TV outfit, DSTV. 

So, it was a welcome delight to see that a ‘new’, but repeated episode (not that over flogged ‘Baby Factory’ one) was shown on Wednesday, December 8, 2021. This episode featured the case file of Emeka, a scam artist and how was arrested by the police.

When T4T told Mrs T4T the delightful news, she cynically said: “You sure say the ‘baby factory’ tape never wipe, since na everyday dem don dey show am for years now?”. I thought I was ‘bad’, never knew Mrs T4T was ‘badder’!

But sha, T4T enjoyed this latest repeat of the Crime Fighters episode, a welcome development really. One hopes that since the producers of the series have vowed never to shoot new episodes, DSTV should PLEASE not overshow viewers this ‘Emeka’ one like it did ‘Baby Factory’s’ in Jesus Mighty name we pray.

Like Crime Fighters, Like The Flatmates
LIKE play, like play, DSTV has started showing irritating repeats of the comedy sitcom, The Flatmates. Although it has not got to the irritating stage of Crime Fighters’, but na from clapping old man dey take enter dance.

The person cuing programmes for DSTV seems to be fixated on any repeat that featured late Afro pop star, Sound Sultan. Lest we forget, Sound Sultan died in America a year ago, so it is safe to assume he acted those episodes long before he passed on. 

Ehen, this is a semi-open letter to comedian, Basket Mouth, one of the producers of The Flatmates. Please, don’t lose some of us as fans of The Flatmates. Even if new episodes are not as forthcoming as before, kindly beg DSTV not to choke us with a particular repeat that may make us get angry enough to break some things in the house. 

As for T4T, na only kolanut e dey break for house.

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