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The Bedroom: Pride of a homemaker


Show me a diligent homemaker and you would discover a person whose first love and pride lies in the rhythmic ambience of the serenity of her bedroom, as it takes only an industrious and finicky kind of person to keep the bedroom sane and in one piece.

So, contrary to popular belief that the sitting room ranks top, the bedroom is the most important room in any apartment, and random home survey has proved that the bedroom is the actual live-in room, the place where you breathe in and out, and should therefore be the living room.

The bedroom is the actual reflection of who you are, it is where you have it all and can do it all. Most people have their wardrobe, shoe rack, study corner, dressing corner and a lot more in their bedroom. Basically everything they depend on to survive each day is kept in their bedroom, which explains why most bedrooms are automatically in disarray, and people find it difficult to keep the room serene.

It is easy to keep the sitting room organised always because nothing out of the ordinary happens there, but the bedroom is where you’re most comfortable in your own skin and at such, you naturally just want to free yourself of picking-up-after-yourself like you would do in the sitting room, hereby leaving piled up clothes, disorganised shoes, and books in different corners of the room.


How to design your bedroom
The bed is the most important piece in the room so the first step is to figure out how best to make it fit. Try as much as possible to place the headboard on the wall opposite to the bedroom’s entrance, even if that means it would be in front of a window. It’s more important to smartly access the space than to be blinded by small inconveniences. Also, avoid a diagonal position as it takes up unnecessary room.

Choosing the nightstands
Once you decided on a bed and on where it will be placed, it’s time to choose the nightstands. Think of the size you want for them, what you need to store in them or keep on top and the height at which they will be placed. Usually they sit at the height of the mattress so you can comfortably reach them but you can go with a different approach for stylistic reasons. Keep in mind that nightstands are a great way of adding colour and texture to the room.

The ceiling
Since the bedroom is the place where you will be frequently looking at the ceiling, you might as well make it look interesting. You can opt for exposed beams for a more rustic or casual look, planks, an eye-catching trim or you can simply paint the ceiling an attractive colour. In this case, the walls should remain neutral.

Lighting options
You won’t be spending much time in the bedroom during the day so artificial lighting takes priority in this room. Chandeliers are a nice option as they can add a glamorous look to the room but there are also plenty of other options such as sconces, table lamps, cove lighting and, of course, candles for a romantic touch. Pay special attention to task lighting and keep in mind that the light needs to be warm and subtle but not lacking.

Sitting areas
Sitting areas are essential for all bedrooms not necessarily the master bedrooms. It doesn’t need to be big, a small table and a chair work just fine. This can serve as a quiet area where you can read, contemplate, write, etc. most often, it’s the corner of the room. You can be creative and decorate it any way you want, perhaps with a hanging chair or a tree bookshelf.

How to keep your bedroom serene
. Keeping the bedroom serene goes a lot further than picking-up-after-yourself, only to dump in a place that isn’t visible. It is first creating a permanent position in the bedroom for everything. The shoe rack corner, laundry basket, wardrobe, dressing section, the reading table and chair for those who do not have a separate study room.
. Then inculcate self-discipline to put everything where they belong without the “I’ll do it later” procrastination.
. Having a mindset that the bedroom is where you start and end your day and what you make of this important beginning and the end of each day determines your productivity.


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