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The Child Pose


Child poseTHE child pose is a non-impact stretch known as a rest position after working out and after a long day after work.

The position calms your breath and restores flexibility to your spine, back and thighs.

Some of the benefits of the child pose are:

1. It is great for your digestion.
Your internal organs get a massage, which in turn helps to move your digestion along and relieve your intestinal tract of any gas.

Taking long, slow deep inhales and exhales in this pose will push your abdomen into your legs and then draw it back up again.
2. It releases tension in the back, shoulders and neck, while elongating the lower back and spine.

If you have back pain or sit for long hours (as we all do), while in this position, gravity pulls your spine forward from the head.

Folding over your legs immediately reverses the tension on the tailbone that can cause lower back pain.
3. It opens up the hips.

Our hips usually absorbs a lot of stress during the day, sitting in a chair for long periods of time can actually tighten all of the muscles in and around your hips.

4. It reminds you that resting is a good thing.
Rest and balance are very important in life. It is not all about being at 100 per cent effort all the time.
In this position, your body gets to recharge.

Getting into the child pose
. Knees are at least hip width apart.

Rest your front ribs on the tops of your thighs.

Forehead is on the floor. Heels are apart, big toes touching.

Arms can be down by the feet (palms facing up) or arms can be extended forward (palms facing down).

Press hands and feel your sitting bones on the mat.

Hold this pose for about 10 deep breathes.

If you find it strenuous to sit on your heels throughout this posture, modify it by placing a thickly folded blanket between the backs of your thighs and your calves.

Avoid this position if you have diarrhea or are pregnant.

Also, try the below modification if you have had a knee injury, pregnant, have had hip surgery or suffer from acid reflux.

The more time you spend in the pose, the more of the benefits you will experience.

Love your body. (

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