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The coffin love – Part 2

By Segun Durowaiye
29 July 2017   |   3:30 am
On a particular starry Saturday night, in the heat and spasm of hot love-making, the frail old woman suddenly had a cardiac arrest and gave up the ghost right on the bed.

So, that was how Jerry started living with his new- found lover and life became such a bliss, enjoyment and pleasure. Then the unexpected happened. On a particular starry Saturday night, in the heat and spasm of hot love-making, the frail old woman suddenly had a cardiac arrest and gave up the ghost right on the bed.

Jerry was aghast with shock at the death of the grand old woman, but he became instantly happy and elated that the woman had willed about 90 per cent of her properties to him before she passed on. He became a very rich young man and started spending dollars like it was going out of fashion.

Immediately after the woman’s burial, he started buying sophisticated automobiles and wonder-on-wheels. His garage was filled with very expensive jeeps and posh cars. He spent millions of dollars on prostitutes and many women of easy virtues.

He denied the five children of the dead woman access to their mother’s wealth and properties. There was a time he even got one of them arrested by the American Police for daring to challenge his promiscuous, careless and wayward lifestyle.

“Who the f..k do you think you are, you numbskull?” he grunted in American slang when he lashed out at the last born of the dead woman that eventful Monday morning in the presence of the Police.

He started living life like there was no tomorrow. The five children of the late Weavers were lost for words and helpless, as they didn’t know what to do. Jerry lived his life like a demigod. He even purchased a private jet and junketed all over the world, enjoying himself to the fullest.

Exactly one year later, the old woman became restless and annoyed in her grave. Her ghost suddenly arose and started haunting and harassing Jerry. It was the biggest shock to the young man. The ghost of the dead woman started by throwing and hurling stones at Jerry on a particular night as he was busy rollicking with four sexy-looking damsels.

Jerry couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the ghost of Weavers. He screamed out of morbid fear and he was shaking giddily. “Yeee, God Almighty, wetin be dis? This dead old woman want to kill me!” he screamed frightfully. The beautiful damsels carousing with him thought he must have been going out of his mind.

Then the angry ghost grabbed his neck in an attempt to squeeze life out of him and to suffocate him. Jerry took to his heels and started running all over the palatial mansion, trying to dodge the haunting ghost of Weavers.

What happened that eventful day was too scary for Jerry. He couldn’t dare to sleep till daybreak. When dawn finally came, he quickly ran out of the mansion and bought a flight ticket to join the next available plane for his journey back to Nigeria.

With tears in his eyes, he narrated his experience to his friends and family in the village. He quickly ran to a nearby house of God for prayers and deliverance. He confessed and begged for mercy, saying he had given his life to God.

Since that day after the prayer session, he started living like a monk in a particular church and begging God for forgiveness of his monstrous sins. He was now humble, poor and dedicated to the things of God.

May the heavenly father forgive him and guide his future paths.


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