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The heart of poison – Part 2


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Continued from last week Saturday

On a blissful Saturday, in Aiyetoro town, a young beautiful princess by name Bimbo was taking a stroll.

Just around that time Chief Ewelegbo was equally buying some goods at a sophisticated boutique.


Instantly, Chief Ewelegbo accosted her and said, “Don’t you have manners? Can’t you greet me?

You have the audacity to ignore me in this town!

Whose daughter are you?” From his look, he was really angry and bellicose.

“Sir, I don’t know you, I am merely going on an errand for my aged parents.

I am so sorry. Good afternoon sir.”

The young princess said politely and courteously.

She also genuflected just to appease and placate Chief Ewelegbo.

“Orisha, egba mi! What effrontery, ignominy , rudeness, impudence and brazen disrespect! I will let you know who I am in this town.

You good-for-nothing, mannerless and useless young lady.”


Ewelegbo answered with unmitigated annoyance, while twitching his face and he spat at the beautiful lady in fury and disgust.

“I said I am sorry sir. Good afternoon,” she repeated instantly, while kneeling down. Ewelegbo would never accept her apology.

He turned vexatiously and called his driver, “Sule, quick, bring my ‘cane of disobedience’ from the car boot.

I want to prove a point here,” he said like a volcano spewing out hot, poisonous and deadly lava.

“I will let you know that I am Chief Ewelegbo Asubiaro, the lion that is so wicked and mean that eats its own offspring!

I am the lightning and thunder that strikes and wreak havoc even in dry season when there is no rainfall!

I am god on earth, no one dares me and goes scot-free.

Yes, give me the cane, Sule!” he angrily collected the short cane from his driver, with his eyes dilating with obvious venom.

He took two steps forward while chanting some bizarre incantations and instantly he struck the young, pretty princess lightly with the cane three times.

Then the visibly angry and cantankerous chief turned and headed for his white Lexus jeep.


Pronto, he had left the scene. The young princess didn’t really know what struck her and couldn’t guess any problem or bad omen.

She turned and left for her destination. Exactly three days later, the young princess suddenly cried from her sleep, jerked and died mysteriously.

She wasn’t sick at all prior to her death.

It got to the hearing of the hostile and wicked chief that the beautiful princess he encountered recently had died.

He stood up, clapped his hands three times and laughed, then said: “Good riddance to bad rubbish! May she die a million times.

You don’t play with the fangs of the Puff Adder or rattle snake!”

ies in a posh hotel at Victoria Island when the ghost of the dead princess suddenly appeared to him. The high chief couldn’t believe his eyes. He thought he was dreaming.


“Agbedo! Agbedo!” he screamed, “The dead cannot bandy words with the living!

A slaughtered and dead ram cannot fight again with its horn! Eeewo!” he started shaking and sweating as Bimbo’s ghost was brandishing a dagger in her hand and ready to stab the virulent high chief.

Immediately, he left the comfort of the ladies and took to his heels, running to his waiting Mercedez Benz Jeep.

He entered and zoomed off. Moments later, Princess’ ghost appeared in the jeep again.

The chief lost control and had a ghastly auto accident.

His Jeep burst into flames and he died in agony on the spot.

Evil is bad, humans should avoid it.

God is the ultimate avenger.


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