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The pillars of fulfilling careers


For most of the menfolk, work consumes about 80 percent of their time and energy.<br />Photo Credit : Pexels

You probably spent 80 percent of your waking life at work, going to work or thinking about work. For most of the menfolk, work consumes about 80 percent of their time and energy. It is on our minds all the time. Which is why it is no surprise that one out of two people is unhappy with his career. We trade our precious time for frustration and money.

Decades ago, I was so frustrated with my career that I couldn’t work or think. And because working plays such an important role, my whole life felt like falling into a depression. I am not saying you should hate your work sometimes, but for me, only a new environment and work schedule could excite me. Thereafter, I became 100 percent comfortable with the way I spent my time.

Do you see what I am getting at? A fulfilling career is about multiple factors you must get right. Otherwise, you would end up hating your life. A fulfilling career is as essential to human happiness as visionary leadership is in demand in the world today. Whether a country is a democracy, populist or monarchy, it still needs good leaders.


Leaders determine the fate of the world for prosperity or war. The demand for good leaders has never been greater than now. Which is why you should learn how to become a leader.

Specifically, I have learned that there are four pillars of a fulfilling career. Most of us only get one or two of these pillars right, but an unstable foundation does not last. If the foundation of a house requires four pillars, you might get away with three, but the smart thing to do if you want your house last for decades is to use four pillars. It is the same for our careers.

Here are the four pillars of fulfilling careers. One, compensation for work done and time spent. How much you earn at your job makes you feel valued, that is what compensation is all about. Money isn’t about status or materialism. When your work is valuable, you should be rewarded for it. But chasing money for its sake never ends well.

Learning how to manage your money is the most important favour you can do to yourself. Keeping the money you make makes you feel better about your future, do your work better and make more money.

Pillar two is work. When you prioritise compensation over the type of work, you won’t feel good about your career. You can go on for years doing hateful jobs for the money. You survive such circumstances by giving meaning to what you do.

Pillar three is your lifestyle. There are several work lifestyles, such as traveling for work, living in a big city and living a quiet life. I like the quiet life best because it suits my personality and goals. If you don’t like traveling, don’t pick jobs with consultants. That is why many people hate the lifestyle that comes with their jobs. Pick a job that fits your lifestyle.

Pillar four is contribution; making a worthwhile contribution to society. You want to feel valued for the valuable contribution you are making to humanity through your work. The reality is that only a small group of people is responsible for the majority of results (Pareto Principle) at most organisations. This means you must put yourself in a position that makes you valuable.

You need to make a valuable contribution to be fulfilled. But how could you find such a career? Since we live in a competitive world, to have your dream career, you have to create it. So, stop searching for your dream career; start creating it. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett created their own careers.

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