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The see it, get it factor of wallpapers


Wallpaper designs on the wall have been perceived by some as mere aspiration or beautiful illusion, but realists and hard workers have declared it, “they see it, get it factor.”

All the hard work and efforts put into life, making ends meet, and acquiring wealth basically narrows down to how much of the avail is invested into where and what you call home. But more importantly how your home should be a reflection of your vision, whilst driving you to reach for the skies.

The wallpaper provides you with a unique sense of aspiration for the life you desire, hope, perfection and aesthetic. Some even call it, living your dream while still dreaming. Whether it is the bottom of the ocean, the surface of the desert, the harmony of the forest or the rich nightlife of the metropolis, the wallpaper brings all these closer to you.


All you have to do is desire it, whether it a home that gives you a sense of relaxation, beautiful scenery, or feels like a part of a huge galaxy, the 3D wallpaper provides you whatever you chose.

Although, relatively more expensive than the regular wall paints, but the reflective features of scenes, characters, and patterns as you wish and desire, are unparalleled.

The wallpaper, aside from giving colour to your home, also keeps away heat or humidity and protects walls from falling, such that withstand earthquakes.

Advantages of wallpaper
. It is available in a wide variety of designs, patterns, and surface finishes.
. Easily installed, without creating the mess as the regular paint does.
. Depending on the quality or type, wallpaper can last for more than 15 years.
. Durable with easy maintenance.
. Wallpaper can also be used to personalise temporary homes and designs for specific occasions since it can be easily installed and removed without leaving traces.
. It can cover uneven walls and hide the defects easily, with little initial preparations.
. Wallpaper is eco-friendly, since it is purely manufactured from natural materials, and its adhesives do not contain harmful chemicals.

Types of Wallpaper
Flock or 3-D wallpaper- This type is distinct for its fuzzy three-dimensional patterns, created from a velvet-like fiber that is printed on a base of the paper. The 3D creates in your apartment a time machine or a wall that erases distance. It is one of the most expensive wallpaper types. Its velvety texture reflects a sense of luxury.

It also creates an inimitable and unique look in the interior home for adults and children, as it is usually created by individual order, via 3D images of the customer’s choice, even by a photo. The peculiarity of 3D wallpapers is that the picture depicted on them seems to protrude into the space of the room from a perfectly flat wall.

The 3D wallpaper for a wall is famous for its resistance to mechanical impact, water repellency and increased fire safety. It also strengthens the effect of light fixtures with ultraviolet light and very easy to use. The main requirement is a flat wall. It should not have old wallpaper, bulging block junctions, and other irregularities. It is also very convenient to use since they are cleaned with regular detergents.

Liner Wallpaper- This is made from paper or fiberglass. It is effective for hiding wall defects and minimising repairs, and it can be a base for more delicate wallpaper types. It can be used alone, and maybe even painted. Moreover, it is easy to apply and remove.
Vinyl Wallpaper- This type of wallpaper is composed of printed-paper coated with a layer of vinyl. It is highly durable. The thicker the vinyl coating layer is, the more durable the wallpaper will be. Vinyl paper can be used in kitchens and bathrooms because it can withstand steam and it is washable.

Foil Wallpaper- A polished metal foil is used as a base for this type to give the interior space a shiny metallic effect. Due to its high reflectivity, foil wallpaper highlights wall defects. So, the base wall needs to be repaired, treated, or covered with lining paper first. The lining and adhering process need to be neat enough, not to ruin the foil’s reflectivity and shine.
Mylar Wallpaper- Mylar wallpaper is best used in the kitchen. It comprises a printed-paper base, and a polyester film applied on top of it. It has a shiny appearance, kind of similar to foil wallpaper, and likewise, it highlights wall defects, so prior paper lining is recommended.

The polyester film makes it possible to wash Mylar wallpaper, and it is also easy to remove.

Bamboo Wallpaper- This type is handcrafted from natural bamboo and glued to paper. It is environmentally friendly and washable but requires delicate treatment when gluing and installing as the adhesives can ruin its appearance.

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