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The Squat

By Oyinkan Talabi (Bodyworks Fitness)
23 May 2015   |   2:14 am
THE squat is a simple, classic non-impact exercise that builds functional strength.

Bodiworks-2 23-5-15 CopyBodiworks-3 23-5-15 CopyTHE squat is a simple, classic non-impact exercise that builds functional strength.

It activates the glutes (bum), hips, hamstrings (back of thighs), quads (front of thighs), calves and core (stomach, lower back and pelvic floor) muscles.

Needless to add that it is one of my favourite moves.

Benefits of squats for the whole body
The benefits of squats include all the benefits of exercising- muscle building, improved mood, weight management, cardiovascular endurance, etc.
Squats promote body-wide muscle building, because they create an anabolic environment.
Squats are such an intense exercise they trigger the release of testosterone and human growth hormone.
Squats are considered functional exercises, because they make everyday tasks easier (like walking up steps, climbing hills).
Squats build muscle, which in turn improve calorie burn. For every muscle gained, the body burns and additional 50 to 70 calories a day.
Squats help improve stability and balance by strengthening muscles.
Squats help promote intestinal health by stimulating the movement of fluids and waste products within the body.
Squats are a natural movement of the body, according to Body Building, and therefore do not put strain on the knee joint when done right

The how to Squat
Please bear in mind that because each body is designed differently, we will each look different when squatting.

Below are guidelines to get you in the right form for your body. You are not to feel any pain in your knees.
To perform a basic squat correctly, stand with your feet slightly wider than your shoulders, your toes pointed forward.
Keeping your back straight, arms out in front of you, go down like you want to sit down, bending at the knees until your thighs are parallel to the floor.

Imagine you are trying to touch your calves with your bum. Make sure your knees don’t go over your toes.
Shift your weight to your heels. You shouldn’t feel anything in your knees.

Make sure not to arch your back and keep those stomach muscles tight throughout.
As you come back up, squeeze your bum and thighs.

Add squats to your current programme, with or without weights in your hands. Aim for three (3) sets of 12 and gradually work your way up, increasing the number of sets.

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