Friday, 24th March 2023
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Tochi, Eric explore life outside Big Brother house as Erica rules

Last Sunday, two more housemates got voted out of the ongoing Big Brother Naija reality show. Tochi and Eric got the lowest voted...

Tochi (left) and Eric (right) during their tour of Lagos Talks FM

Last Sunday, two more housemates got voted out of the ongoing Big Brother Naija reality show. Tochi and Eric got the lowest voted last week and were eventually evicted from the race for fame and fortune.

Being the housemates with the lowest votes, Trikytee, Kaisha, Tochi, and Eric were up for eviction. However, the BBNaija Lockdown housemates chose to save Trikytee and Kaisha, causing Eric and Tochi to be evicted from the house.

Viewers would surely remember Tochi’s reaction when he was announced as one of the evicted housemates. He was obviously frustrated at the unexpected twist, and bitterly tossed his cap to the floor.

He, however, recovered his composure as he left the house, clenching his fist in the air and saying, “It is what it is,” as a way to let the housemates know that he accepted their decision with no hard feelings, recognising that it was just a part of the game they were playing in Biggie’s house

In line with the tradition of the show, which is generating comments across social media platforms, the newly evicted housemates went on the After The House Media Tour to discuss their time in the house and their general plans now that their time in the house had come to an end.

According to Tochi, if he could go back to the house and do anything differently, he would give himself the chance to fall in love. He confessed to having a crush on Nengi at a time; he liked her personality and enjoyed her company, but probably didn’t express this because of the specific attention she was getting from Ozo.

He also admits to liking Tolanibaj from the start, but they stayed friends because she was starting a relationship with Prince. When asked which housemate could win the Big Brother Naija show, Tochi said he would put his money on Nengi, Kiddwaya, or Bright O.

The game might be over for Tochi, but he is grateful for the exposure he got from Big Brother Naija and the interesting people he got to meet. He plans to venture into Nollywood, and go into the real estate business.

Meanwhile, Erica emerged the fourth Head of House in the Big Brother Naija Lockdown house. A visibly elated Erica picked Kiddwaya to be her Deputy Head of House, a move that was anticipated by other housemates. This means that they will both get to enjoy living in the Head of House Lounge and enjoy immunity from next week’s eviction.

The Monday Head of House game involves the housemates playing their way across the mat with numbered squares, getting to the very end of the game or getting the highest scores they can. However, they will have to go through a number of obstacles to reach the final square.

This week, the new obstacles were a ‘game over’ square, untying a balloon without popping it, and using a fork to move a ball into an egg crate.

As always, the housemates had to ‘roll a 6’ before they could get their totems on the ‘start’ square and eventually move up the numbers on the mat based on the number they roll.

They were only given one minute and 10 seconds to go as far as they could before the buzzer sounded. Again, rolling a 6 to start the game was always the major problem of several housemates since no one could control how the die would land.

With the memory of Eric and Tochi’s eviction still fresh, the housemates threw themselves into the games, because every single person wanted the immunity that the Head of House title would give them.

Despite some initial difficulty in rolling a 6, Prince did quite well, but at the end of the game, Erica won the Head of House Challenge, which keeps her safe from this weeks eviction.