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Tracy Edwin… Nollywood star steps out bold


Tracy Edwin

Tracy Edwin

Though, a graduate of Insurance and Risk management from the Enugu State University of Science & Technology (ESUT), Enugu, Chidinma Tracy Edwin-Okechukwu, otherwise known as Tracy Edwin in Nollywood, has always been in love with acting. Right from a very tender age, the Anambra State native has always exhibited traits of playing in the showbiz industry.

“Acting has always been my thing, it’s something I love doing; it’s something I see myself doing. I’m not in the industry today because others are doing it; this is something I have passion for. My life is about acting and it makes me happy,” she enthused.

However, coming from a decent home where professional education is paramount, the thought of taking up acting as a full career was a ‘no, no’ for young Tracy, who had no option but to go with her parents’ wish.

“Initially, I actually wanted to be an actress, but the family I come from is not the one that wants to give you money to pay for school fees studying acting. So, I just went to school to acquire knowledge; acting has always been there. But now that I’m done with schooling, I’m pursuing my passion,” she said.

Professionally, Tracy’s first contact with Nollywood was in 2009 when he visited the AGN (Actors Guild Of Nigeria) office. By the following year, she had become a registered member of the guild and was lucky to get her first movie break the same year.

“The audition was tough; a lot of other actors were there. At first, I lost confidence, but I eventually picked up. I got the role based on merit, not because I know anyone. I think the movie is titled FIFA Agent, a continuation of Osuofia and the World Cup series,” she recalled.

A comedy movie directed by Afam Okereke, the movie paraded some notable stars such as Nkem Owo (Osuofia), who played the lead role, Uche Ogbodo, Charles Awurum and others. And for young Tracy, who was picked ahead of other contenders, it was time to prove her worth.

“The audition went on and on; we were actually rehearsing for two different scripts. Being my first time, I lost confidence a bit; people were looking at me, a lot of people were watching. But I told my self, ‘this is it; just do it.’ So, I picked up and that was it,” she said.

Since then, Tracy has remained steadfast in the industry, working with different producers. She has featured in over 60 movies, including Room 202, Heart of a widow, Perfect stranger, Dying rose, The necklace, Singel ladies, Marriage course, Father Ebube, Bloody king, The bishop, Treasure and other. But of all, she singled out Treasure as her most challenging role ever.

“It was a challenging role because it’s something I’ve never done before; the movie came out recently. Personally, I don’t really do the nagging and shouting role; I’ve always been that emotional person.”

On how she pulled through, she explained, “I watch movies a lot; most of the movies I watch, I always see myself doing what they are doing. For instance, when I watch Telemundo, I try to emulate their acting. But on a normal day, I’m not your shouting and nagging type. At first, I thought I would appear ‘fake’, but in the end, I did very well,” she noted.

In a way, working on set of Treasure clearly exposed the other side of Tracy that was never explored before.

“Back then, I used to think it’s just going to be crying and romantic roles for me, but I’ve realised that I can take on any role now. I think I can play any role, aside from going naked,” he said.

Just recently, Tracy released her first movie as a producer entitled When night Is falling. Released under her production outfit, Tracy Edwin Production, the movie, which stares Tracy on lead role also featured the likes of Dave Ogbeni, Uzoma Udolisa, Onuoha Cynthia, Pamela Iwuanyawu and Peace Odo.

Though yet to hit movie shelf, the movie, which gave the producer an opportunity to express herself as a filmmaker, is already available online.

“There are some ideas I have, which I’ve not seen in other movies. So, when I had the opportunity of having the finance to make a movie, I decided to give it a try. I wanted to see how it feels to actually have a story and do it the way you want it to come out. I’m happy that I had the experience, the fact that I was able to produce my own movie is fulfilling,” she said.

When Night Is Falling tells the story of a guy, who wanted to marry a lady not knowing she’s a lesbian. He eventually got to find out four days before their wedding and there was drama and tension. The young man was bothered about what the society would think about if they continue with the marriage, considering the fact that his father is a governor to be.

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  • Larry Iloh

    Great! She has proven that, with determination, you can achieve your goals no matter the odds. Well done, Tracy.