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Trapped in the rainstorm – Part 3


(Continued from last week Saturday)

God even frowns at committing suicide as a last resort because it is sinful.

Ayo’s mum was a fair-skinned, tall and robust woman. For five hours, the search party combed every nook and cranny of the locality, but Ayo wasn’t found. It was even reported in the 7pm news that a young girl named Ayo Taiyelolu was missing after a terrific rainstorm ravaged the home of the Taiyelolus, sweeping away the innocent young girl.

When it was around 11pm and Ayo was yet to be found, her mum collapsed and she was rushed to St. James Hospital, which was nearby, for resuscitation. Her husband was confused and heartbroken. The man simply broke down and wept bitterly.


He cried like a little baby when he realised that he might not set eyes on his young and lovely daughter again.

“This will be double tragedy,” Mr. Taiyelolu said thoughtfully. “My daughter is missing, I don‘t know if she’s dead or alive and my wife is in a coma… O God, I’ll kill myself if the worst happens.”

Mr. Taiyelolu was soliloquising as he left the hospital premises, wandering aimlessly to an unknown destination.

Taiyelolu, a tall, dark-skinned and lanky man had trekked for about 50 minutes and he became very weak and tired. He was so hopeless and worn out. He then sat down beside the road, not knowing where to go and what to do again.

His eyes were heavy with grief and woe. He lowered his head in sorrowful meditation and wiped the dripping tears off with the tip of his shirt.

Time was 11.45pm. He shook his head in melancholy and obvious gloom. Just then, he raised his head up, but lo and behold, he saw his lost daughter hanging dangerously on a nearby tree across the road. His spirits instantly became elated.

“Good God, that is my daughter!” he screamed in ecstasy. He ran and scaled over the fence and frenziedly climbed the tall tree to rescue his precious daughter, who was in danger. Within four minutes, Mr. Taiyelolu had rescued his lovely daughter from the cold hands of death.

“Oh daddy, I’m happy you are here to save me,” Ayo exclaimed in sublime joy. “You are a great dad. Where is mum?” she asked. “She is in the hospital, let’s go,” he replied.

Hand in hand, both father and daughter headed for St. James Hospital immediately. When they got to the hospital, Mrs. Taiyelolu was still in stupor. The doctors scurried here and there to revive her. Ayo’s dad was really afraid for the life of his wife. Ayo moved closer to her mum and touched her forehead softly, then said: “Mummy, please don’t die, your daughter is here…”

It was like magic! The sentence had a miraculous effect. Instantly, her mum opened her eyes to behold her lovely daughter. Joy enveloped both of them.

Ayo’s dad moved closer and joined them in that moment of immeasurable joy. They were all smiling and giggling. “I’m happy you’re hale and hearty.

Seeing you alive gives me great joy,” her mum replied. They all went home and thanked God for sparing the life of Ayo and that of her mum.

Seven days later, Ayo became a year older and her birthday was well-celebrated, as her friends and many well-wishers came to celebrate with her and made the day a memorable one.

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