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Emirates excites kids with inflight offerings


According to a Chartered Psychologist and Boredom Expert, Dr Sandi Mann, from the University of Central Lancashire in England, there are certain activities that will help parents engage their kids when travelling long haul with babies and young children. He explained that the best way to engage children is to make them watch movies. Spending about 70 to 100 minutes on this can distract them from any intended jumping arounds or feeling bored.

Fortunately every airline has Information and Communication Entertainment (ICE) systems on board flight. For instance the Emirates ICE system offers dedicated children channels including TV shows, movies, music and games.

Emirates has more than 60 children’s movies on ICE, including the entire Harry Potter series, a section dedicated to Disney classic movies, and over 20 dedicated children’s television channels including CBeebies, Disney Junior, Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. The music selection includes One Direction, Justin Bieber and Katy Perry.


The airline also makes provision for inflight meals for children. There is special in-flight meal for children between ages of 2 to 12 years, and also for babies. Parents can request Baby Meals and Child Meals, though there is a limited amount of baby milk powder, spare bottles and pureed baby food available on all flights.

As a rule, unless Emirates airline specifies that they provide a post weaning meal, or toddler meal for children aged 1 and over, at the period of travel; you cannot request a child meal for an infant under two, who does not have their own seat. Be it as it may, parents travelling with kids should learn to pack much of their own snacks, fruit and other baby food on a flight, in case the meal service does not come at a time the child needs it, or they are not interested in it. Ordering at least 24 hours prior to departure is a welcome idea.

For children who do not want to engage themselves on ICE, they can get a children magazine called ‘Fly with me Monster-My Monster Magazine’ on board. Travel journals and storybooks can also be found therein. Emirates gives a great kids’ pack consisting of a back pack, a book, eye shades, pen and activity book, soft toy and blanket, a child-size green headset and a few other goodies. That’s another way Emirates airline engages children on-board.

For parents travelling with babies from birth to four months old, a bassinet is required. Ensure the TV is lifted out before you or the crew put the bassinet up and baby into sleep, otherwise you may not be able to unlatch it properly and will be left with no in-flight movie to watch, and ensure your babies legs face towards the aisle. That way the babies will feel comfortable.

Children love to play with toys. However, Emirates has got range of toys, that is the Fly with Me Animal toys for infants and toddlers and specially designed Fly With Me Lonely Planet activity bags for those between six and twelve years old. Emirates’ Fly with Me Animals is a new take on its signature kid’s products, replacing the popular Fly with Me Monsters. The toys are meant to be both entertaining and educational. Each character represents a specific region and will help children learn more about its habitat. The first four animals to make their debut on board are: Lewis the Lion from Africa, Peek U the Panda from China, Enrico the Monkey from Latin America, and Leila the Camel from the Middle East.

According to the Emirates’ Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer, Adel Al Redha, “Over 4 million children travel with us each year, which makes young travellers among our most important customers. We know how challenging it can be for parents to keep their children occupied and happy on flights. We’ve ensured that every aspect of the travel experience is catered for, from toys and kids’ entertainment to special meals on board, and even family check-in areas. We are committed to ensuring a smooth travel experience for families.”

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