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Important considerations to make before using Bitcoin for your travel plans


Many people travel with bitcoin already, but it can still be a bit of an intimidating concept for those who don’t know about bitcoin. This blog post will discuss how to use bitcoin for travel and the benefits that bitcoin has over other forms of currency.


Search for Businesses That Accept Bitcoin
Before you make your travel plans, you should figure out what businesses accept Bitcoin and bitcoin payments.

The bitcoin directory at Bitcoin Paid is a good resource to use when looking for bitcoin-friendly businesses near you. It lists all the merchants who accept bitcoin worldwide in an easy to search format, with filters and sorting options as well.

Spend Some Time to Research Before Your Visit
Bitcoin is not yet accepted everywhere, so spend some time researching bitcoin-friendly businesses in the country or region you plan to visit. Don’t forget your bitcoin wallet and a little bitcoin cash on hand. If required, you can refer to the information on this website Bitcoin Prime to get a better insight into it.

It’s important to have at least a small amount of bitcoin when travelling with Bitcoin. One for paying for goods and services directly with bitcoins, and another as backup currency should your primary bitcoin be lost or stolen during travel.


You’ll also need access to an internet connection (either from WiFi hotspots or cellular data), but it doesn’t need to be fast – just reliable enough for sending out transactions now and then. It may make sense to invest in more than one device that can handle this process if necessary.

Connect with other people who are travelling with Bitcoin
The bitcoin community is a great place to meet people who share the same interest in cryptocurrency. You can find them on forums, subreddits, and blogs across the internet or just by setting out into your travels with Bitcoin!

Many of these communities are geared towards travelling around as well. You might even be able to get some tips from other travelers who have experience using Bitcoin abroad.

Some conferences take place worldwide for those interested in learning more about cryptocurrencies, too – so why not check one out while they’re near where you are?

Decide On How You Are Going To Store Your Bitcoin
Keeping bitcoin safe is not as straightforward as you might think. If you store the bulk of your Bitcoin on a hardware wallet like a Trezor, it’s up to you to take care of security yourself.


You can still keep some bitcoin stored in an online account where hackers have accessed before (like Coinbase) and use them for travel purposes—know that these are risky options!

It turns out there are safer ways than others: Mycelium is one mobile wallet with many features; they support multiple platforms, so storing cryptocurrency will be more accessible no matter what device the users choose.

It also has advanced privacy settings which hides transactions from prying eyes while maintaining high levels of safety using AES-256 encryption algorithms.

Final Thoughts
Bitcoin is a digital currency that can be used to purchase items online and in person.

Many people who travel with bitcoin have found it more convenient than carrying cash or credit cards because they do not need to worry about any potential issues at the airport, such as having their wallets stolen by thieves.

It’s also possible for travellers to exchange bitcoins into other currencies of their choice before arriving abroad so that there are no hassles when exchanging money upon arrival. Have you ever travelled with bitcoin?

What were your thoughts on the experience compared with using cash/credit cards? Let us know what you think!


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