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We want to raise a generation of filmmakers with passion for social impacts films


As the reality TV show, Script2Screen Africa goes on air, Bright Wonder Obinna Obasi, the brain behind the project, declared that his vision is to empower young filmmakers who want to transform society, using film as a tool. He tells DANIEL ANAZIA and HENRY EKEMEZIE, the vision of the show and what Nigerians should expected from the contestants.

Lets meet you
MY name is Bright Wonder Obinna Obasi; I am a film-maker, scriptwriter, director and acting coach. I am the founder/president of High Definition Film Academy owners of the Script2Screen Africa filmmaking training reality TV project.

What is Script2Screen Africa Reality show all about?
Script2Screen Africa is a film making reality TV project designed to raise a new generation of film makers who are passionate about making social impacts in making films. If you art not passionate about making social impact films then you are not what script to screen is looking for. We are not just looking for talented people; we want people who are talented and also capable of making impact using their passion, talent and gift. Script2Screen has been held as acting and film making workshop for five years but we decided to advance with the project. So it metamorphosed to a reality TV show because reality TV has a great capacity to engage audience. It also gives platform for up and coming actors and film-makers to explore.

Talking about passion and talent, in real term are you saying that what we have in Nigeria today as actors are not passionate about acting?
I am not saying and won’t say they are not passionate about acting or filmmaking. Passion generally is an albatross word. They might be passionate about acting or film making but for us it’s not just about being an actor or film maker but using them as a tool to make impact.


Observers of the Nigerian film industry have pointed that there is a huge gap in terms of films that are being produced like the cinema movies and home videos. What is your take on this?
The different medium of film distribution serves different purpose. For some of us, cinema is good, but some of the films in cinemas do not appeal to certain audience like our grand parents at home. Most of them don’t enjoy these films because I have been privileged to have conversations with some of them, what they prefer is home video. So I feel that these kind of films serves different purposes. Hence, you can’t say that cinema is better than home video or the other way round. Don’t forget the fact that the home video is what brought Nollywood to where it stands now, and the cinema is just evolving. All I am saying is that we should not produce bad quality films because whatever film we are producing whether home video or cinema, quality is a game.

Do you think that film-makers in Nigeria are taking into consideration quality checks?
Not everybody does and I think it is a product of the persons involved. Some persons just want to do it the way they want or feel about it but some persons have quality in mind because it is the call and they give quality in everything it takes. Not everyone in the Nigerian film industry embrace quality as the goal but a lot of people do, especially now that there are envolving filmmakers who are giving their best in response to create quality films.

How is organization going bridge this gap?
At Script2Screen Africa first we embrace quality in everything. When it comes to filmmaking and much more it has to be good. I won’t say in terms of quality we would be bridging the gap because a whole lot of other people are making quality films also but we make our own contribution in respect to creating quality films. Most importantly, we will need a great contribution when it comes to creating social impact driven films that are capable of causing positive changes in the society and I think that is the greatest contribution this project.

You mentioned social impact driven films, are you saying that the films being produced are not are not socially impactful?
No, a lot of them are not; they are baseless driven. A lot of film-makers make films not caring if it makes any positive changes or not they are provided to create entertainment as long as it brings the money. These two things are what drives a greater percentage of film-makers not just in Nollywood but across the world. For us at High Definition Film Academy and Script2Screen Africa, our perspective is to drive positive changes using films.

What do you look at in terms of definition when you talk about social impact films?
If you want to create social impact with films, it has to be intentional. For instance, if a doctor wants to carry out a surgery it’s planned properly and scheduled because it has to meet the intentional standard. A lot of films are not built for that because they are mostly used for entertainment of business. Our Script2Screen 2018 sub-themed is ‘Corruption Free Nigeria’. So every script written here is targeting that sub-theme. The theme for the entire project going every year is filmed as a calculus for revolution. Each year we adopt a sub-theme, so this year is ‘Corruption Free Nigeria’ and everything we are writing and filming is to achieve that sub-theme. You can’t write a script that you want to touch child abuse with and the screenplay is not designed for that purpose, it won’t work.

What is the duration of the reality show?
The show itself has been on for four weeks but beyond it, the finalist and the people would harvest from this show. So we hope to go much more with them because we also cut across with people outside the continent, who are passionate about using films to drive positive change. This is a fellowship where we come together to share ideas, resources and exchange equipment.

How many contestants are taking part in show?
We have 60 contestants — 30 males and 30 females.

What should Nigerians expect from this reality show?
Nigerians should expect a reality show that has come to contribute to creating positive impact in the society, harnessing the talents of great actors and filmmakers who have come on this show as finalist. So Nigerians are going to be seeing great entertainment because every content we have in the house are going to be very entertaining because it has the whole gilts and glamour of filmmaking and also most importantly it is purpose driven.

For every reality show there must be a winner and every winner is expected to go home with something. What is package for winner(s) from Script2Screen Africa?
The greatest package from the reality show is to be a part of a movement that has brought in change and positive impact in the society. So what we are trying to say is that the financial benefits are not the call in Script2screen Africa. There are cash rewards for each category winner such as the best actor, filmmaker, team and screenplay. Each will go home with N500,000, and that is the just supplementary aspect.

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