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Wear red and own the look


Forget mixing prints and using the colour wheel to put together a statement-making look. It might seem like this fiery colour is a bit too jarring, but the ruby pieces actually look very good when paired together or structured separately. The key is to mix soft, billowing fabrics with structured details and remember, less is more with accessories.

But before you go haphazardly throwing on every piece of ruby, crimson, and candy apple red clothing that you own, go through this guide to show you how to wear red the right way. The best part is that this colour looks amazing against every skin tone or shade.

Red All Over
Although it may be a bold look, going red all over is completely on-trend and incredibly stylish. So, if there was ever a time to rock a pair of red pants with a red blazer, red top, and red shoes, it is now. While there are numerous ways that you can wear the look, consider opting for a bottom and jacket in matching shades. Then, mix things up with a top that’s lighter, darker or patterned.

Red Bottoms
Don’t want to go red all over? How about focusing on your legs instead? Opting for a pair of red pants or a red skirt can still create a statement style without feeling over the top. To keep the look balanced, just remember to make your legs the focus of your outfit. As such, completing your look with basic colours and classic designs is an excellent option. Something as simple as a red midi skirt with a white T-shirt, denim jacket, and black sneakers can look seriously chic.

Red Coats and Jackets
The chic outfit addition will instantly turn up the drama and style of your look for an impressive ensemble. Whether you choose a cape, blazer or jacket, make it bold and eye-catching. Also, remember to keep the rest of your look minimal and subdued. Black pants, a top and a pair of low, block heels will do.

Red Tops
The best thing about a bold colour like red is that it can turn any outfit into a statement piece. As such, the hue is perfect for tops and can make simple styles stand out, and unique designs really shine. So, whether you’re rocking a pair of jeans with a red T-shirt or a pair of velvet trousers with a red ruffle top, you’re sure to look trendy and stylish. Just remember to make the most of your red top by forgoing a jacket and avoiding any other bold hues.
Red with Denim
If you’re searching for a way to spice up your usual weekend denim look, you should consider injecting a red hue. By just adding a red item or two to your outfit, you can make your casual ensemble infinitely more stylish and trendy.

Red with Pink
Red can be intense and dramatic, but it can also be chic and romantic. Try pairing your favourite red pieces with pink designs. The combination can be very complementary and can easily create a contemporary and fashionable look.  

Red Patterns
Patterns can be a fun and playful way to rock the colour. Although they can often seem more intense than block colours, patterns can actually subdue a vibrant red hue by breaking up the bright tone. While florals are always a lovely choice, you should also consider checks, tartan, gingham, and stripes.

Red Accessories
If you don’t quite feel like rocking a red outfit, why not opt for red accessories instead? Thanks to their bold hue, these fiery accessories can make a statement without appearing too intense. Just remember to stick to one or two pieces and keep the rest of your outfit neutral.

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