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African countries must seek reparations from their colonizers – Kassianah Joint


Kassianah Aya Joint

Ivorian American, Kassianah Aya Joint, whose lifelong mission is to change the narrative about Africa by promoting collaboration between them in the areas of music, business, culture and other facets of human endeavours has called on African leaders to seek reparations from their colonizers.

In a recent interview, Kassianah speaks extensively on the need for Africans to unite and make the continent one nation. She affirms that Africa has potentials to be greater than Europe if the countries are united as one.

She said, “I weep for Africa because we don’t realize our greatness. Africans undervalue Africa. How can Europe be stronger than a continent of over a billion people? Ask yourself that. Population wise & square footage wise, it doesn’t add up. So the issue isn’t the size but the strategy. For example, African Americans are petitioning to get reparations from the American government. So, why can’t different African countries petition to get reparations from their colonizers that stole from them? That is one way. The African Union can set up strategic plans with different government leadership from every country on the continent. We have to find a way to keep and cultivate our resources into Africa. We also need to modernize many programs and systems on the continent. How are we going to do that when Africans undervalue Africa and went running to the Western world every chance they get.

“Africa has remained underdeveloped because we separate ourselves by nations. I think we need more accessibility of movement on the continent from country to country. I think we also need more accountability from leadership. And of course less corruption,” she added.
Kassianah Aya Joint majored in Finance & International (Foreign) Affairs. Living in New York, the stock exchange and being financially empowered intrigued her. She started working on Wall Street as an analyst. It gave her experience and skills with understanding money, the economy and business.

She registered her business in 2014 and started her entrepreneurial journey. As she grew, so did her passion for empowering her people back home. An opportunity at the UN presented itself after many organizing many protest rallies throughout America and she took it.

“I believe in young leaders in government, politics and diplomacy, especially within the African Diaspora for our people. I vow to continue to be a voice for us. Its my passion,” she had cheekily voiced her mind

Her company, Joint Venture Group LLC, was registered in the State of NY, USA. They have different subsidiaries which includes FrancoSuite & Kuziva Foundation as well as other business ventures

After relocating from her home country of Cote d’ Ivoire, Kassy as she’s fondly called, settled in New York, New York, USA upon completion of her undergraduate education in Foreign Affairs and Finance at Pace University.

Along the line she noticed a gap in media companies that represent Francophone artists, interests, companies and culture. There are numerous outlets that publicize what’s happening in pop culture in the United States and many Anglophone countries, offering platforms to celebrities as well as up and coming artists, influencers and creatives in general.

This type of platform was lacking in her home country and Francophone countries in general, and she decided to do something about it.

Kassianah is also a humanitarian with a passion to work for the betterment of the black race. She has a plan to run an NGO to be called Kuziva By Kassy to help young ladies finish their education and start their careers. Her primary passion is advocating for Africans living in the Diaspora for years.

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