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AMP leadership tussle: BoT wades in, dissolves Lagos, Asaba elections

By Guardian Nigeria
26 September 2020   |   2:20 am
In a moved aimed at finding a permanent solution to the troubles facing the Association of movie Producers (AMP), The Board of Trustees (BoT) has announced that the August 29, 2020, election held in Lagos

Peace Anyiam-Osigwe of AMAA

In a moved aimed at finding a permanent solution to the troubles facing the Association of movie Producers (AMP), The Board of Trustees (BoT) has announced that the August 29, 2020, election held in Lagos did not conform to any known norm of AMP, while describing the Asaba election that produced AMAA founder, Peace Anyiam-Osigwe as President null and void.

Chairman of AMP BOT, Zeb Ejiro, said the Lagos and Asaba elections have plunged the association into further crisis.

“For the avoidance of doubt, the position of the BOT is that the election held in Lagos was out rightly illegal as it did not conform to any known norm of AMP, while the election held in Asaba breached the constitution and highly revered conventions of AMP in relation to the conduct of election, among other relevant matters, especially the publication of an eligible voters’ list that is mutually ratified by the contestants before the election. This was not done, hence necessitating the current impasse.

“The emergence of two parallel executives from these elections, which the BOT considered to be characterised by illegalities and breaches, made headlines in both traditional and social media and became an embarrassment to our hitherto peaceful and well respected Association.”

Ejiro noted that, “We were therefore compelled to step in with a resolve to quickly bring about an amicable resolution of the dispute and to restore lasting peace to AMP.”

He informed that, despite the illegalities that characterised these elections, the BOT was determined to employ waivers and persuasion where necessary to ensure a peaceful resolution of the crisis.

On the move to achieve peace, the chairman said, “the BOT invited the two Presidents that emerged from the elections urging each to come with one adviser for consultation, where necessary, in the course of the meeting. This meeting was held in an atmosphere of peace and the BOT at the end urged the two Presidents to meet and decide, on their own, how best the crisis could be resolved, while stressing the need for sacrifices so that AMP is not enmeshed in a lingering crisis.”

On why the BOT left the two Presidents and their parallel executives to find the terms for peace, the chairman insisted that the move is to reduce tension that had enveloped the association.

“We were convinced that their meeting would calm frayed nerves and reduce the visible enmity. Secondly, we did not want the BoT to be accused of any form of bias in the course of resolving the crisis. We gave the two parties a date to submit their resolution to the BoT in the hope that we would have no choice but to endorse it and a new AMP Executive will emerge without further rancour.

“Unfortunately, the deadline given the contending parties expired as they were unable to arrive at an amicable resolution of the crisis.”

He added, “while the BoT was still trying to find ways to mend fences, a police case arose between the contending parties, thus taking the internal affairs of AMP outside the confines and structure of the association without exhausting the peaceful option made available by the BoT, the only organ with legitimate power to step in, in time of crisis.”

On his part, Secretary of the board, Joe Dudun, said, in the face of the heightened crisis, the BoT consulted widely and held the crucial meeting of Saturday, September 12, 2020, resolved that the two parallel elections on Saturday, August 29, 2020, in Asaba and Lagos are invalid and all organs set up for the purpose of the elections, dissolved.

“An interim Caretaker Committee have been constituted to run the affairs of AMP, with members as Chief Emeka Ossai as Chairman, Mr. Paul Obazele (former AMP President), Mrs. Ego Boyo, Emem Isong, Mr. Fidelis Duker and Mr. Sam Azubuike. The Caretaker Committee shall have the mandate to seek all ways to bring about lasting peace in AMP through consultations with stakeholders and members; look at the remote and immediate causes of the current crisis in AMP; suggest solutions on the way forward based on the findings; review the current constitution of AMP with the view of eventual ratification by the Congress; investigate and resolve the current financial questions arising from the elections; prepare and ascertain a comprehensive database of AMP members before August 29, 2020 (indicating their status – financially active or not active, supported with identity cards and proof of dues payment), and Organise a valid AMP Election within six months from the date of constituting the Caretaker Committee.”

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