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Ibadi Aran will promote our culture- Great Marx




Ayobami Komolafe a.k.a Great Marx is the CEO, Kobatunm Entertainment, which consist of a music/sound engineering school, record label and a music-recording studio. The sound engineer, music producer, songwriter, and recording artiste spoke with GBENGA AKINFENWA on his new song, Ibadi Aran.

What is the nature of your music?
I write music based on how I’m inspired. Since I have ability to sing wide range of genres, I won’t limit it, but rather appreciate and flaunt my amorphous nature. I want people to see all the colors I can radiate, rainbow they say, with all its pretty colors, is a unique and rare phenomenon.

You have a new single, Ibadi Aran, what is it all about?
Ibadi aran is a love song. It’s a dancehall/afro beat, which emphasised Afro percussion and horns. The aim is to cut across old and young listener and promote our culture in a modern way. The good thing about the song is that it’s quite addictive. Ibadi aran is a special song; the way it came about is unique, because the composition came first from the bass line.

I played it during my rehearsal and it kept ringing in my brain that I have to get into the project obsessively, even though it came when schedule is so tight. I have to get in all live percussions (bongo, djembe, omele and Gangan), all said something in the song, if you have ear for drums. The live bass also grooved all through the song. That’s about my best sound in the music.

What does Ibadi Aran means? It’s sound like you are talking about a woman with a big ass?
No. I am not used to using vulgar language in my music. I’m very careful with my lyrics. Ibadi aran is a Yoruba word that means wrapper around a woman’s waist’.  In the olden days, Aran is a very unique and expensive clothing material. Any woman that could afford it was generally expensive. So inside the love elergy, you will hear something like, aponbepore (fair like oil) eyinmenungun (beautiful set of teeth), and others. It is a way of praising a beautiful woman especially one that is your wife or girlfriend.

Can you picture your personality in your style of music?
Yes and No. Many a time, I write about my experiences, or myself but sometimes, about other people. As a professional, you put up a good art to the genres, mood and tempo of the song. In that wise, you have to be strangely dynamic. Art should be beautiful, mystic, standout and astonishing. Most of the time, my easygoing personality shows in my write up. There cannot be a perfect separation.

What has been the feedback from previous work, Omo Olojo Ibi?
The feedback was fantastic. Some Radio stations got it online and played it for free without collecting a dime or knowing some of these presenters personally. It speaks volume and I want to use this medium to thank these radio platforms. Surely, we are going to shoot the video, but Ibadi Aran video comes first and its pretty soon.

Really, so you are actually getting visuals for Ibadi aran?
Yes I am. It’s going to be directed by my friend Smokey frameworks. We are anticipating a great job on the project. Something great and epic. We are working hard for the final shooting date. Ibadi Aran deserves a good planning because it’s legendary before its birth and we can’t afford not to get it done well because of fans expectations.

Who produces your songs?
I do; I bring in other people where necessary. Like in Ibadi aran, I called in professionals; Dapo played my percussions, and he is very good. I also have Blackbod, who played the bass line. He is also very good on bass; he added some spices to my original idea, which I love.

Aside singing and music production, what other things do you engage in?
I’m very good in both. My principle has always been that what is worth doing is worth doing well. From now till December my focus is more on pushing the great Marx brand and Ibadi aran. I’m going to be busy producing and recording great Marx album and gracing shows to meet other professionals in my field. I enjoy everything I do or I won’t do it at all.

How soon should your fans expect the album?
Very soon.

Are you coopting any artiste(s) on the album?
No. I’m not thinking of anyone

How would describe your experience in the UK to stay Nigeria?
Working in the UK and Nigeria are two different things. Being a sound engineer/music producer here is quite challenging and you have to up your game always because you are always going to do everything apart from the vocals. There is little division of labour. In fact, your clients expect you should be able to do everything. That is a proof of how good you are. As a music artiste, you need money here to survive.

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