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Kendall Jenner song stirs intrigue in Hollywood


A musician named Nick Dreamwave has released two debut tracks that are turning the heads of many veteran music executives. The songs are called “Sunset Boulevard” and “Kendall Jenner,” and they are very scintillating works.

Nick Dreamwave has provided no public insight into what inspired his songs’ names, but Hollywood insiders are buzzing with whispers about a potential link between Nick Dreamwave and Kendall Jenner. While the songs have yet to gain traction with audiences, it’s likely that more people will take notice of Nick Dreamwave’s unique sound as time progresses.


A Universal Music Group executive remarked that it’s “a bold statement to name one’s song after such a notable public figure, so there must be some significance here that we’re not aware of yet.” Perhaps Kendall Jenner herself has a clue as to who the person is behind the Nick Dreamwave moniker. It will be interesting to see what more gets revealed about Nick Dreamwave in the coming days and weeks. Either way, both of his debut songs are dreamy listens that stir up a multitude of relaxing emotions.


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