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Meet Charles ‘Ironside’ Aghogho: Entrepreneur, Philanthropist & Content Creator


Charles Aghogho aka “Ironside” is a South African based digital content creator, entrepreneur & philanthropist. He is the founder and CEO of ‘Ironside Escrow Service PTY. He is also the creative director and founder of P5 Paris Luxury fashion & accessories line.

Our correspondent recently caught up with him and below are they excerpts of their telephone chat.

1. What’s your full name?

My name is Charles Aghogho but most people know me as “Ironside” which is the name of my company.


2. Where are you from?

I am from Delta State, Nigeria

3. So how did the love for content/digital creation come about?

Growing up in a hood where everyone sees you as funny and laughs at every word you say told me everything I needed to know in that space. And with the Internet age, I realized content is key and can be monetized so I set out to create that niche for myself.

4. So what was it like, trying to launch your brand and business? What were the challenges you faced?

I never faced any real challenges because I prepared myself before time.

5. Tell us about your brand name Ironside & F5 paris?

Ironside is the name of my Company (Ironside Escrow Service PTY) based in South Africa. Most people who know me call me ‘Ironside’ and not just because it’s the name of my company but also because they say I have resilient spirit like iron. F5Paris is my Luxury Clothing & accessories brand designed in Paris with plans for first edition to be released in November 2022.


6. But why entertainment, digital and content production?

The people around me were my motivation because they literally liked to see and watch what I do which I see as the ordinary. Also in recent times digital content creation has blossomed and a lot of what people used to see as normal has become really big business with the advent of social media. Social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter and TikTok has empowered a lot of people, made them influential and famous too.

7. What do you love to do, besides digital and content creation, what other interests do you have?

I love looking good, so I love designing and creating new fashion styles. I love living a fit lifestyle, going to the gym and working out. I also love golfing and if I could go back in time I would have been a fitness coach or a professional golfer.

8. What advice do you have for upcoming actors/actresses and content creators?


To always watch out for opportunities and while doing so keep a very positive attitude. Everybody has to start somewhere. The key is actually taking action and doing something you have passion for

9. You recently embarked on a charity drive and donation of school materials and essentials. What motivated such donations?

All my life I have always believed in the word “Giving is Living” I believe everyone can do well in life if given quality education. I love philanthropy, so any opportunity I get I love to give and share with others. Making others smile, especially the less privileged gives me joy.

10. What is your greatest fear in business and life?

To be honest nothing scares me, but not being able to live to my full potential is a fear I have.

11. Do you have any new projects for 2021?

All the projects for 2021 has been completed successfully, we are just waiting to unleash and unveil them to the world.

12. How do you combine running your business and content creation?


It’s easy for me as a single man I’m able to multitask and get results. Besides division of tasks or labour makes it easier to delegate some work so I can focus on others.

13. What has been you biggest lesson as an entrepreneur?

To always trust my gut feeling and never to neglect your instincts

14. As a content creator where do you see yourself in 5years?

I can’t say, honestly but I know God has a special space for me.

Thank you for your time and we wish the best.


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