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Meet Modesta, the Ghanaian creative taking charge of her encompassing tale

By Guardian Nigeria
14 July 2022   |   2:14 am
She’s young, hyper-talented, social media famous - @westafricandol and above it all has the likes of Popcaan, Bisa Kdei, Michael Blackson, Nick Cannon

She’s young, hyper-talented, social media famous – @westafricandol and above it all has the likes of Popcaan, Bisa Kdei, Michael Blackson, Nick Cannon, Kranium, and the Migos adorning her now stunning résumé.

At just 25, Modesta Boafo is Ghana’s new muse or if we dare say, one of the country’s new stars in showbiz. Her talent is strikingly multifaceted, positioning Modesta as an entrepreneur, model, actress, and even more recently a singer who fits the bill as one of America’s most idolized Ghanaian personalities to date thanks to a whopping 673,000+ followers on her Instagram alone.

She has quickly become a household name since going viral with the Rosalina Challenge in 2018 and has never slowed down. But before all this buzz from socialite, entrepreneur, model, and actress to the singer, Modesta was one of the many millennials of her time from Assin Achiase, in the Western Region of Ghana.

Modesta was born on a Thursday in 1997 to parents whose pursuit of the proverbial grind saw the Boafo emigrate to Bronx, New York when she was 14.

There, an entrepreneurially driven Modesta soon found her tempo: “I always believed in the American Dream even when I was back in Ghana”, she recounted smirking. “My brother and I always wanted to experience it so once we got here, we had no reason to. I just knew I had found happiness, which to me was getting to live the best of my dreams while doing what I had always loved or wanted”. This resulted in Modesta starting her first business in 2017, Sheaonme, a skincare company she established after graduating from High school Kappa international – the place she learned to hone her social media prowess.

“My parents put in a lot to ensure I could comfortably pursue my dreams… and their work ethic back then still inspires me to this day. We always expected to get things done, no matter what and that’s all I’ve been doing since I can remember”, she chipped in.

In light of the success that followed her first entrepreneurial move, Modesta went on to complete her degree program in Media and Communication at Lehman College, CUNY before going on to fully explore every aspect of her hyper-talented self. In 2020 – while the world was rocked by its worst pandemic in recent times, Modesta made one of her biggest decisions yet. She moved from New York to Los Angeles – home to most of Hollywood’s stars, TV, and movie industries – in a quest to achieve her full potential.

That big has proved to be Modesta’s most pivotal to date, resulting in her a slew of cameos in music videos for the likes of Popcaan, Bisa Kdei, Kranium, and the Migos, even comedian Michael Blackson, next to her sensational acting debut on Nick Cannon’s ‘’Wild ‘N Out’’.

Today, Modesta is signed to 610Music where she’s committed to developing her career as a singer and songwriter, aside from keeping up with her aesthetic as an emerging entertainer. Regardless of which, one look at Modesta is enough to tell all she’s about – a very talented and ambitious personality with dreams that can’t be sidelined.

She’s focused on inspiring her massive fanbase in the months ahead, through business opportunities and of course, excelling at showbiz.