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‘My desire is to be the next Miss World’


Dammy Adesh

Damilola Adeshina well known as Dammy Adesh in the modeling industry is one the fast rising models around town. A quick peek at his Instagram profile will show you a set of uniquely different visuals. You will get the notion that she’s a travel enthusiast, a fashion lover and an upcoming model.
Admittedly an adept reader of fashion and style magazines, Dammy has a special love for style. The 500 level Accounting student, Babcock University, Ilishan-Remo, has always nurture the passion to be a model as see it as a platform to be a role model and influential in her community.
According to her, “my desire is to be the next Miss World. I am interested in modeling because I believe I have what it takes to be a top model,” she said with slush tone and smile that can even the most discipline man fall in love.
Determined to pursue her passion, Dammy Adesh as she fondly called by friends and colleagues, attended the Steve Ray Modeling and Fashion School, and took classes in catwalk, poise and etiquette grooming, and photographic grooming.
Asked why she thinks she is fit to be a model, she said: “I know I am the most beautiful girl in the world. I have got a figure and shape with good height, and I am an intelligent lady. I have a strong personality with good sense of humour. Modeling has always been my dream.”Having perfectly mastered her personal brand dos and don’ts, Dammy hopes to participate in major fashion shows such as the Mercedes Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, and Paris Fashion Week among others. She also hopes to become a brand ambassador for various organisations.
“I love challenges; I want to glamorously rock every fashion show and become famous and well respected.”What are your goals as a model and how do you see yourself progress in this industry?“I want to be a voice that will resonate in the minds of people. I want to create a new face in the industry by helping up and coming youths that want to be models and also to be diligent and hardworking in my daily activities.”
To maintain the requisite shape of being a model, she eats a lot of fruits and I drink a lot of water, and this keeps her balanced and able to do aerobics, yoga and gym.“I like to maintain a balanced diet because as a model, you need to watch what you eat. I do my exercises everyday to maintain my sexy body and figure.”
On whether she would model any kind of clothing, the ebony said, “I like to try new things, so I am open to model any kind of clothing and. I am lover of fashion; I love wearing good clothes, I love trending fashion accessories, I love Gucci and I look forward to work with all the fashion brands.”Speaking about her unique selling strength, Dammy said, “As a model, my unique strength is my ability to interact with the camera and interpret my jobs. My body is my greatest point, which you can see…hips don’t lie.”
“Also, I am an out spoken person; I love to say my mind and say the truth at all time. I love good people with good sense of humour, people that I can easily understand and they understand me as well.”
Most models are known to break their contractual agreements. As a model, have you broken any contract agreement?“No, I am a very disciplined person from a very a respected background. I was cultured and taught to be respectful. I will never to go out of my way to disregard rules and regulation or agreement even at home.”
Asked if her parents are supportive of her career choice, she said, “Yes they are; they are my number one fan and they have always supported me in every way they can.”On the challenges faced so far, Dammy says, “I wouldn’t call them challenges because they are things that people do when they become models. For instance, I was on a shoot and had to be painted all over in a zebra look, and the ink rolled into my eyes, it was so painful but I just had to endure and get use to the system. So I don’t see anything as a challenge that I have to face as a model, it’s more of experience and getting to be on top.” 

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