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Sean Dampte gains international attention with new single, life, money, happiness


I Almost Took My Own Life, Says Singer

Nigerian born, UK-based afro-fusion singer, Oluyole Oluwaseun, who is better known in the entertainment industry as Sean Dampte, has announced the release of his new single, Life, Money, Happiness, and promised to release a follow-up in mid-December, while a is expected to be released in the second quarter of 2020.

The single, which was released on digital platforms to audiences worldwide, is in anticipation of the Energy singer’s full-range extended play/ album, which is expected to be release in the second quarter of 2020.LMH is a song of triumph and motivation, shining light on Dampte’s internal struggles following disclosure that he almost took his life last year.

Speaking on what inspired the song, the songwriter and music producer stated that despite his success and the growth of his fan base in the Afrobeat community, he experienced what he called self-described periods of hell.He said, “This track means more to me than just music. It is the essence of living! While recording this track, a lot was happening but with true love, which we all we need, I was able to overcome the challenges.”

Dampte revealed that despite that the fans were enjoying his pieces, he was going through hell, stressing that he almost took his own life. “Me and my family were going through a really bad period! I mean I had no roof over my head! I had no income! Everyone was calling because I was in huge debts to different individuals and even corporate organizations! Everything just seemed lost! All hope was gone! Suicide felt like an option!” he added.

He continued: “But that fateful morning, I dragged myself to my brother, my friend, my producer, Jay Ocean. I wanted to record a song about the good life and the good times that wasn’t happening but the words wouldn’t come out. After we had sat for five minutes, Jay said, what mood you in Dampte? I replied suicidal and Jay said, that ain’t happening bro! Let’s put this into the music. So we started work; Jay played the tune and the melody was working.

“That is how we came up with the track ‘Life, Money, Happiness — #LMH! I can only hope you will enjoy coming with me on this journey! To you, my friends and family, I wish you all the best with ‘Life, Money, Happiness.”Dampte, who took the music scene by storm both in Nigeria and the United Kingdom, and has since delivered monster hits such asEnergy and Million among others is not a new name in the Afrobeat world!

His inspirational message resonates with global audiences, encouraging them to find happiness and purpose in their lives. He has been featured on a number of radio and television stations, including BBC3CR UK, MTVBase, MTVEurope, BET International and 254Radio Nairobi.Generating millions of downloads from fans around the world, the single echoes Dampte’s belief that the sole purpose of living is to have a life of money and happiness

Inspired by the works Nigerian music heavyweights like King Sunny Ade (KSA) and Ebenezer Obey, among others, Dampte has been able to tell stories through his artistic work with unique cultural styles and approaches. As he rapidly gains international attention for his Afrobeats and unique artistic style, he continues to blend his style with rap tinged in African undertones.


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