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TFAA hosts conversation on diversity and inclusion

By Daniel Anazia
21 November 2020   |   1:02 am
Organisers of The Future Awards Africa (TFAA) have announced that its first-ever TV and digital edition of The Diversity Summit will hold on Saturday, November 28.

Organisers of The Future Awards Africa (TFAA) have announced that its first-ever TV and digital edition of The Diversity Summit will hold on Saturday, November 28.

With the theme: We can’t breathe: Exploring power, privilege and the potential for real change, the organisers said the event will bring together over 100 of the most influential leaders and thinkers across Nigeria and Africa to discuss and tackle urgent issues affecting young people, ranging from diversity, inclusion, equality, spirituality, identity, capitalism, environment, special needs and human rights.

Speaking about this year’s event, Bukonla Adebakin, Chief Operating Officer, RED | For Africa and Senior Advisor to The Future Project said: “For 15 years, The Future Awards & Festival has pioneered social, public and private sector trends and change focused on youth-driven culture.”

“It is time once again to pioneer, by inspiring deep and wide conversations about the new frontiers of human potential that are now insistently knocking on Africa’s doors / it is time for players from governments to businesses to culture shapers to embrace these imperatives and build strategies that give them life. That future is inevitable, and this conversation will underscore why – and how we must proceed,” she added.

Adebakin further explained that the panel sessions will include topics such as: Toxic Environment: Climate change and African governments; Nigeria is not America: Importing Western battles into Nigeria; The Vagina Dialogue: The line from purity culture to rape culture; The Turning Point Generation: Will Gen Z succeed where millennials are failing?

She added that there is: Love does not win elections: The only way young people can actually take over power; Not too young to run: Will young people in government actually change anything? What were you wearing?’ How not to talk about rape; Wokespaces: What companies need to do about a socially engaged workforce; and Be a man!: The trap of toxic masculinity.

Speakers at the event Adebakin note include: US Consul General, Claire Pierangelo; First Lady of Ekiti, Bisi Fayemi; Microsoft Country Manager, Akin Banuso; Odun Eweniyi, Denola Grey, Arit Okpo, and Hilda Dokubo.

The Diversity Summit 2020 will be part of three-day TV and Digital The Future Festival. It will air live from 12 – 6pm on Pop Central Channel 165 DSTV and online via

Dubbed as the ‘Nobel Prize for Young Africans’, and the ‘most important youth awards’ by Forbes. TFAA is a set of prizes given annually to celebrate and accelerate innovation; creativity and enterprise amongst young Africans aged 18 – 31. It has produced over 150 winners and over 1550 nominees since its first edition in 2006.

It is presented in conjunction with The Future Project, which has a mandate to build empowered citizens across Africa, through (inclusive) enterprise and (active) citizenship. This focus on Human Capital Development is informed by our value proposition: Africa’s growth needs a generation of young people who are gainfully employed and able to demand and secure better leadership.The official hashtags for 2020 are #TheFutureFestival, #TFAA15 and #TheAgeofRevolution.

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