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What COVID-19 lockdown did to Ejike Asiegbu

By Justin Akpovi-Esade
13 June 2020   |   4:11 am
As people across the world reeled from the effect of COVID-19 pandemic, others seemed to have made up their minds to make good use of this period to discover...

As people across the world reeled from the effect of COVID-19 pandemic, others seemed to have made up their minds to make good use of this period to discover other skills they never knew they had. And one of such people is veteran Nollywood star, Ejike Asiegbu. 

During the total lockdown that was lifted recently by president Muhammadu Buhari, Asiegbu, popularly called Rabbi by close friends and fans, was seen in different videos making the hair of his wife at home and displaying dancing skills. 

Teeth 4Teeth was curious after watching three of his videos online and had to call him. 

“Yes, and so what?” His baritone voice boomed from the other end of the line, when asked when he learned to be a hairdresser.

For fear of being called a ‘stupid boy’ (his popular line of abuse), Teeth 4 Teeth quickly hung up the phone.

Well, dear readers, don’t be surprised that our own Ejike Asiegbu will be running a female salon post Coronavirus. You heard it first here.

Lamentations Of Eboh Bomb
You know Eboh Bomb? You should. He’s a young, talented comedian with dreadlocks and he lives in Surulere area of Lagos. 

Teeth 4 Teeth went snooping at a local pub in the area some couple of days ago and saw Eboh Bomb and so decided to sit tight. He was on a long phone call with someone, who could not be identified, but they spoke Pidgin English and switched to Urhobo intermittently. So, everything they said, the all hearing and seeing Teeth 4 Teeth heard.

The comedian was complaining bitterly to the other person at the other end how this coronavirus season has rendered him so broke he can’t even dash anybody in need 1k. He was on and on for over 10 minutes.

After the end of the phone conversation, I saw Eboh Bomb counting over N20, 000 to pay the pub owner for what he and his friends consumed. 

Should I call him a liar? Nor be me, call am liar when you see him next time on TV or driving along the streets of Lagos.

How Charles Inojie’s Surviving
Comedy star Charles Inojie has a way of doing things. Yes, he sure has. Teeth 4 Teeth called Charly popularly known as ‘Na Dem Dey Rush Us’ early in the week to find out how he has been surviving the lull in entertainment activities across the country occasioned by the coronavirus pandemic.

“My brother, well, I dey house dey blow whistle o.”

I asked him what whistling at home would solve. Read his reply: “Blow whistle for your house first na, you go find out.”

I ended the call. Charly is not a serious person, period!

Season Of Sexual Abuse, Rape Allegations In Nollywood 
Many women actors have been courageously coming out to name prominent male actors and producers, who had allegedly sexually abused and or raped them years ago. That’s good.

While their allegations may be true or false, it can never be proven, not in Nigeria, so, that case will die naturally. But then, some of us know as e dey go for Nollywood. Conclusion: Let the conscience of those accused and their accusers, judge them.

That Lame Lancelot Imasuen’s Response To Sexual Abuse Allegation
A female actor recently accused Veteran Nollywood Director and producer, Lancelot Imasuen, of sexual abuse. The incident according to the lady, happened about 10 years ago. She gave a graphic account of what transpired that night at the hotel room of the director.

Well, even as believable as she sounded, nobody can say with all conviction that she is saying the truth as it remains her words against that of Mr. Imasuen’s, but the disappointing part of the story was Imasuen’s response that was also published alongside the allegation. I expected more from him.

That Lancelot would say the Directors’ Guild was handling the issue already and so he would not speak on it…? Where did that come from? You, a whole you, Lancelot, was accused of attempted rape, yes, because, that was what the lady’s story suggested, and you are waiting for one Guild to handle the issue? 

Anyway, a day after, I read a very bland press statement from the guild of directors; only the writer could understand the rambling called statement. Won’t waste my time talking about it. Lancelot fall my hand! Deny the allegation and face the lady headlong or keep quiet.