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YB Pizzy releases catchy inspirational song ‘Hustle’

By Guardian Nigeria
09 September 2023   |   1:03 am
The Benin City-born artist setting Vienna's music scene ablaze, YB Pizzy, has just dropped his latest track, 'Hustle', and it's causing quite a stir. In a recent interview, YB Pizzy..

The Benin City-born artist setting Vienna’s music scene ablaze, YB Pizzy, has just dropped his latest track, ‘Hustle’, and it’s causing quite a stir. In a recent interview, YB Pizzy provided insights into the creation of this infectious and motivating song.

The story behind ‘Hustle’ is as intriguing as the track itself. It all began during an impromptu freestyle session with YB Pizzy’s friends. As they riffed on the topic of unwavering determination and the belief that hard work must eventually bear fruit, the idea for the song began to take shape. It’s a testament to the creative spark that can emerge from spontaneous moments shared with close friends.

After the freestyle session, YB Pizzy headed back to his home studio. There, he immersed himself in a collection of drill beats thoughtfully provided by his producer. The infectious hook of ‘Hustle’ came to life in this creative cocoon, setting the song’s tone and vibe. YB Pizzy then penned a compelling verse, recorded it, and reached out to his collaborator, MB Laz, to lay down the second verse.

‘Hustle’ has a different vibe from YB Pizzy’s previous songs, blending inspiration with a catchy tune and a hint of raw energy. YB Pizzy humorously characterises it as both motivational and slightly ‘violent’, infusing a unique edge that keeps listeners hooked.

Despite its dynamism, the recording process for the song was remarkably smooth. This seamless production journey allowed YB Pizzy’s passion and creativity to shine through in the final product. The vision for ‘Hustle’ is clear – YB Pizzy hopes the track serves as a catalyst for self-belief and persistence among listeners. The message is unequivocal: “One way or another, the hustle must pay!” It’s an anthem for dream-chasers everywhere.

One of YB Pizzy’s fondest memories from creating the song is the exhilaration of testing the track in clubs before its completion. Even in its unfinished state, the song drew an electric response from the crowd. People connected with its infectious energy, turning up the vibe in clubs across Vienna. ‘Hustle’ features a collaboration with MB Laz, a formidable drill rapper and a fellow native of Benin City. Together, they bring depth and intensity to the track, showcasing the strength of musical camaraderie.

As an artist, YB Pizzy has recently taken a more deliberate approach to his music. He aims to convey meaningful messages, tell compelling stories, and share his unique perspectives. This evolution adds substance and depth to his sound, promising an even more enriching musical journey. While YB Pizzy and MB Laz haven’t announced specific tour dates, they eagerly look forward to performing ‘Hustle’ at clubs and events across Europe. Expect electrifying live performances that match the energy of this contagious song.

‘Hustle’ by YB Pizzy is more than just a song; it’s a call to action. It encourages us to believe in ourselves, chase our dreams, and put in the hard work necessary to make them a reality. With its catchy hooks and motivating message, ‘Hustle’ is set to become an anthem for hustlers everywhere. Listen to it now, and get ready to grind. It is available on all digital platforms.

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