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What Do I Do? My Fiancé Is Pregnant For Her Ex


Princess of Love Name: Victoria Occupation: Upcoming model/student

Princess of Love Name: Victoria<br />Occupation: Upcoming model/student

MY 24-year-old girlfriend is currently almost two months pregnant for her ex. We have been dating for six months now and when I asked her what we should do about it, she would always ask me to leave her alone, that it is her problem.

Some of you may say it depends on my feelings for her. I love this girl so much and I love her even more now that I know how hard it is for her to keep the child and what she is been through.

I am not sure what the right thing to do is.

My heart says I must stay with her and support her to raise the child. My mind tells me I will regret it for the rest of my life.

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  • AX

    You be ewu gambia…..Just repent and give your life to Christ..chikena

  • Prince Ebere Isaac

    My brother I will have to start by telling you that love doesn’t define all situations, rather common sense, which is not really common does. It will be nice if you allow her some space for now. She is in a relationship with the man you called ‘ex boyfriend’ and I think they love each other. I pity you because u will live to regret it all your life. She told you is her problem and you still want to put asunder, allow them enjoy their relationship or forthcoming marriage per ser. I know it may be hard to accept but thanks God she didn’t hook the pregnancy on you. Be a happy man. From Prince Ebere Isaac

  • David chijindu

    She has an ex…thats not the problem! But now you have discovered that she is pregnant for that same ex. I suggest that you encourage her to make up with her ex so that the unborn child will not be a repository of bastard. for your own interest and that of the unborn child, please desist from that relationship. Like they say… there are many fishes in the ocean. do well to get yourself another lover and carry on with your life.