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What gift do you want for Valentine?

By Maria Diamond
08 February 2020   |   4:14 am
The 2020 Valentine’s Day celebration comes in a couple days, and, as always, Nigerians are not left out in the drill as the anticipation to the lovers’ day trends everywhere.

The 2020 Valentine’s Day celebration comes in a couple days, and, as always, Nigerians are not left out in the drill as the anticipation to the lovers’ day trends everywhere. Even the youngest citizens are looking forward to the day. So long as they can talk, they ask what Valentine really is from grown-ups, and at the snap of the fingers, they key into the mood, deeds and deals.

While a number of people contend the genesis of the worldwide celebration of the 14th day of February called Valentine’s Day, those who have optimum believe in the idea of love stick to the notion that love in its pureness, should be celebrated everyday, and as such, go extra miles to treat this designated day of love with care and gifting.

“It is called lovers day, and if they declared the Feb 14 a day to go the extra miles for my loved ones, why do I have to query it? Who is going to sue me for recommitting my love for my folks? My husband proposed to me 15 years ago on Valentine’s day and I have been the happiest woman ever since. So what did they say is wrong with the day? Absolutely nothing, if anything, Valentine’s day brings joy to my family year-in-year- out,” Adewunmi Olanipekun reiterated.

She, however, requested that for this Valentine, she wished that her husband would be back home from his two-month business trip, on or before the February 14. “All I want as gift is his presence, I’ve missed him, and the kids have too.”

Well, it is a case of different strokes for different folks as Nigerians, young and old, make their Valentine wishes.

Toyin Afolabi said she doesn’t want any gift that money can buy, but a marriage proposal. “I want to get married, it’s long overdue, so an engagement ring will make me very happy.”

Abigail (surname withheld) said: “For me, I will appreciate anything, be it bag, shoe, perfumes, others, so long as it’s given out of love. But if I have to use a blank cheque right now, I will ask for a good phone with high quality video for my YouTube show. I would also ask for a car and vacation abroad if the person can afford it.

Olubanke Agba said: “All I want for Valentine’s is love, love and love. A beautiful flower, a simple hug from my children, and a warmth embrace from my husband will be perfect as always. While, Angela Opara wants designer perfumes and a box of cupcakes, Ude Awelle wants a fendi bag, Geraldine Uzoma said a surprise trip to any vacation spot would be perfect. Enukora Onyedika wants different types of chocolates, and Pamela Young said: “I want quality time with my boyfriend.”

Also, Morayo (surname withheld) said: “I want a spa appointment, I need it.” Adesola Onaolapo wants designer perfumes and shoes.

Funmi Aworeni said: “I want a pounding machine, anyone who gives me that as Valentine gift will be saving me the agony of using a mortar to pound yam every now and then.”

And Victoria Nwosu said she wants a good wristwatch and a set of gold jewelleries.

However, as interesting as it is to see excitement in the faces of women and young ladies as they made endless wish list for valentine, men naturally shied away from it as they naturally assume the role of granting the wish list without any expectation.

Adekunle Ogundiran said: “I don’t wish for anything, I just want to be able to buy something tangible for my girlfriend because she might not even be able to afford what I want.”

Ezekiel Uchechukwu said: “Anything my wife gives me is fine, if she decides to. Most of the time she just asks me what I got for her for Valentine, and when I present the gift, she gives me a kiss and hug. Sincerely, that’s quite endearing and it’s enough gift for me.”

Emmanuel Njoku said: “I want anything, I just want happiness. Anyone who can give me that in all sincerity will make me fulfilled.”

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